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Problem solution type open call for participants technique by citizen cooperation

In possession land of  Yoshida-cho, Totsuka-ku, we carried out "talks" with private business person based on frame of open call for participants essential point from December, 2010 and grasped property market appropriately and carried out "problem solution type open call for participants technique by citizen cooperation" for model toward high company open call for participants of possibility more.

 We announce talks summary which we carried out in experimental project to secure transparency, equitableness of "talks", and to make environment that is easy to participate in company open call for participants more.



Press release document about publication
Publication (main way of thinking of Yokohama-shi) of talks summary
Talks summary
December 7, 2010 date press release document

The ground which is targeted for experimental project

NO.The locationAreaRestricted zonesOpen call for participants essential points
1. The 104-1, Yoshidacho, Totsuka-ku outside   Approximately 4,289 square meters Industrial district (60/200)
Fifth class altitude district
・Frame (pdf 817KB) of open call for participants essential point
Process of talks (pdf 250KB)
Entry sheet (word 55KB)
Question answer
(1/5 publication)

※In Finance Bureau assets management section, we carried out open call for participants. As for the details, please see page of "open call for participants of Totsuka Ward location municipal ownership place".

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