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About Yokohama-shi advertising info e-mail magazine

In "Yokohama-shi advertising info e-mail magazine" that Yokohama-shi (advertisement charge) issues,
We edit information for latest information and advertisement notice of advertisement business of Yokohama-shi and send by E-mail regularly every month.

Main target person ・All of companies which in hope of insertion to advertising media of Yokohama-shi or examine
・In addition, it is interest, people with interest for advertisement business of Yokohama-shi
Contents ・Advertisement business news
・Information for new advertising media
・Advertisement offer information others
Delivery day As a general rule, it is 10th, 20th and around 30th every month.
Participation form Person in hope of delivery can register freely. When we stop delivery, like registration, we can perform freely.
Instructions (1)About environment using E-mail, we cannot offer here. In addition, it burdens people who use about facilities, expense necessary for connection.
(2)Please ask about malfunction in case of delivery to
(3)Without permission, we prohibit about doing re-delivery on quotation, reproduction to WEB of article or business.
For more details, please see Yokohama-shi advertisement business e-mail magazine Terms of Use.
About application of "Yokohama-shi advertising info e-mail magazine", withdrawal application, change of registration information,
Apply than the following button.
Application, stop of delivery is this
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