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Yokohama-shi cowound email news

 It is timely and, in "Yokohama-shi cowound email news that Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau cowound promotion room issues," sends information of open call for participants about citizen cooperation or information such as forums.

 (issuance not being set almost around one time a month)


■About cowound email news


Main target person

  ・One to be interested in about cooperation with Yokohama-shi concretely

  ・It is interest, person with interest for citizen cooperation



  ・What's New

  ・Idea offer information to affect the theme type cowound front

  ・Forum information such as cowound opening forums

  ・Others, information about citizen cooperation


Delivery day

  Delivery almost schedules around one time a month.

  In addition, we decide to deliver at any time as needed.


Participation form

  ・Person in hope of delivery can register freely.

  ・When we stop delivery, we can perform as well as registration freely.


  About registration of delivery

  We register your e-mail address of one in hope of delivery with mailing list.

  As for the procedure, please see the following guidance pages.



  About stop of delivery

  We delete delivered address from mailing list.

  Please perform procedure to delete your e-mail address after accessing the following pages, and logging in.



Yokohama-shi cowound email news operational rule 

  Please see this


Other instructions

  (1)The use of service is free, but, about environment (facilities necessary for connection, communication expense) using E-mail, burdens registrant.
  (2)When registered e-mail address cannot receive more than a fixed period of time, we may cancel registration regardless of intention of registrant.
  (3)When we urgently perform check and maintenance, repair of system, service delays temporarily without notifying user beforehand or we may be stopped again by accident of disaster and communication line, other unavoidable circumstances. In addition, service delivers late, and we may not be delivered by circumstances such as carriers (cell-phone company).
  (4)It prohibits information that it obtained by this service to do re-delivery on quotation, reproduction or business without permission.
  (5)Yokohama-shi does not take all responsibility about direct or indirect loss, damage that occurred by the use of this service.
  (6)In addition, please observe matter which list manager establishes.
  (7)About malfunction of delivery, please contact yokohama-kyoso-owner@ml.city.yokohama.jp.

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We update on making - February 15, 2012 on Policy Bureau cowound promotion room cowound promotion section - February 15, 2012
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