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Public space utilization

Public space such as park or road is important resources with big possibility that they can make charm of Motoichi more by effectively utilizing by citizen cooperation.
Therefore we push forward industrialization of "business suggestion to be connected for charm improvement of downtown area seaside part" by public space activation project of crossing in agency now and,
We push forward charm of park which utilized "open call for participants management setting systems" (Park-PFI) and approach for creation of bustle.

We invite public participation for private business person which utilized 1 open call for participants setting management system (Park-PFI)

 Private business person which performs maintenance of (park facility targeted for open call for participants) such as profit facilities such as restaurant or stand and mall, open space as for the open call for participants setting management system integrally in park by open call for participants
It is system to choose. The details are this

(1) Open call for participants information to be related to parks

TitleOpen call for participants periodInformation about open call for participants
About open call for participants setting such as game facilities in forest Park undevelopment area of Yokohama animal H30. 11.21 - H31.1.22 Station HP is this

Public space inflection suggestion offer to lead to attractive improvement of 2 downtown area seaside part

 About business suggestion to lead to attractive improvement of downtown area seaside part, we push forward discussion, adjustment toward 14 industrialization that were evaluated when you should aim at realization by open call for participants that you carried out in the H29 year.

(1) Business during conduct decision, conduct

  • Conduct decision
    Yokohama manhole! Nordic events walking tour
    <press release document>
    [the date] : It starts from Friday, November 2, 2018
             Almost one-year holding is planned three times (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) every week at end
    [holding time] : It is different in every course (in the case of the morning in the case of from 9:00 to 11:00, the afternoon from 13:00 to 15:00)
    [sponsorship]   : Sport Intelligence
    [targeted for participation] : Person who can walk without assistance in 15 years old or more
    [contents]   : While enjoying Nordic events walking at distance of approximately 5km with lecturer for approximately two hours
             We go round manholes.
    [course] : 1 Minato Mirai course - Yokohama pride, scene circulation ... of port
         : Cityscape circulation ... which has the history, tradition and personality of 2 Kannai, Basyamichi course - opening of a port
         : A certain 3 Yamate, Motomachi, Chinatown course - exoticism cityscape circulation ...
          ※Yamate, Motomachi, Chinatown course starts from December
           In every each entrance fee \ 3,500/ course
           Application, the details check sponsor HP 

    Inquiry about event
    Sponsor secretariat (Sport Intelligence) TEL: 070-3261-5611 (charge: Horiguchi)


(2) Suggestion that undertook an enterprise

No.Effective timeBusiness nameCompanyPublic space that inflected
2 H30 eight a year month Yokohama dog week Malin dog party
<press release document>
Yokohama dog week executive committee Pacifico-yokohama Rinko Park (Seaside Park)
1 H30 seven a year month kosodate MIRAI Festa produce by BABY&KID' s FESTA
<press release document>
kosodate MIRAI Festa executive committee Nippon-Maru Memorial Park

(3) Past news

◎About announcement of the result of open call for participants (April 25, 2018)
 <press release document>
  We announce evaluation result of public space inflection suggestion to lead to attractive improvement of downtown area seaside part (April 25, 2018)

◎About answer to question (January 31, 2018)
 <question answer>
  We announce answer to question about offer essential points.

◎About open call for participants (January 10, 2018)
 <press release document>
  It recruits suggestion of public space inflection to lead to attractive improvement of downtown area seaside part (January 10, 2018)

 <open call for participants document> ※We are not inviting public participation now.
Offer essential point Target areas (attached sheet / reference) Proposal, written inquiry (style)

(4) Reference about public space inflection suggestion to lead to attractive improvement of downtown area seaside part

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