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Cooperation agreement with Yokohama-shi Yomiuri society X Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo head office X Yokohama-shi


For local contribution activity by Yokohama-shi Yomiuri society the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo head office sale station,
Yokohama-shi cooperates and carries out approach.
  Yomiuri fair and the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo head office sale station in western Yokohama Yomiuri society which was Yokohama-shi and aggregate of Yomiuri Shimbun store in the city in northern Yokohama, Yomiuri fair in eastern Yokohama concluded cooperation agreement about local contribution activities such as welfare, environment, education that Yokohama-shi Yomiuri fair performed on November 1, 2010.
 We name approach about local contribution that Yokohama-shi Yomiuri society based on agreement carries out "Y2 (noisily) support project" for Yokohama-shi and Romaji notation of Yokohama-shi Yomiuri society and are active while cooperating with the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo head office sale station.


・December 24, 2013
 We gave Christmas present (DVD) for 38 places of child welfare institutions in Yokohama-shi.
 (photograph is state of present event in Holy Mother beloved child garden of representative from facility)

・December 18, 2013
 We had Takada of representative from Yokohama-shi Yomiuri society (Yomiuri society in eastern Yokohama) Yomiuri center Yoshinocho go on the platform to cowound opening forum and announced about cooperation approach with Motoichi.

・November 28, 2013
 We utilized earnings of charity concert of Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra alumnus and donated sporting goods to ten places of elementary school student nursing homes in Yokohama-shi. (photograph is design of the presentation ceremony that it enforced in Japanese water school of representative from facility)
・November 23, 2013
 We held event that featured the theme of "Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden" that was pastime that gives poetic charm to New Year holidays as Tokyo-Hakone collegiate ekiden PR event.
(in Yokohama Station East Exit new capital city plaza)
 Document which we summarized past approach in is this

◎We utilize back side space of flyer to tell about newspaper holidays of the Yomiuri Shimbun from April, 2013 as public information space of Motoichi. The following image is inflection example of Motoichi public information.



Press release concerned

・[press release] October 29, 2010

"Cooperation agreement" summary

◆About the following matters, we push forward cooperation.
 (1) Operation of fund that city Yomiuri society composes, thing about conduct
 (2) Thing about loss of interest in printing type measures of youth who utilized newspaper
 (3) Contribute to other local contribution activities

◆Characteristic of agreement
 (1) Being suggestion by religious awakening of local newspaper store and store group (Yomiuri society) oneself.
 (2) Taking form to support activities to perform reserving in fund that city Yomiuri society oneself composes, and to be connected for local contribution by the operation. (Yokohama-shi takes cooperating roles such as reporting about administration of fund.)
 (3) About purpose of fund, Yomiuri society is things that they are to decide such as field, object in reference to questionnaire or information from Yokohama-shi to carry out for newspaper subscriber whom Yomiuri society performs
 (4) You provide environment getting used to young generation with printing type to cope with loss of interest in printing type of youth generation and push forward various approaches for to utilize newspaper, and young generation to get close by printing type, and perform approach only in newspaper media group

Yokohama-shi Yomiuri society summary

 ・Constitution of meeting: We constitute in 3 groups of Yomiuri society in northern Yokohama, Yomiuri society in eastern Yokohama, Yomiuri society in western Yokohama
 ・The number of the sale stores: 110 stores
 ・The number of city subscriber households: Approximately 450,000 households (about 1/4 of approximately 1,600,000 households of number of Motoichi households)

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