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Inclusion cooperation agreement with Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. X Yokohama-shi

   Yokohama-shi X Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.
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 In fields such as elderly person, person with a disability support or local disaster prevention, Yokohama-shi and Sagawa Express Co., Ltd. strengthened cooperation mutually, and they concluded "inclusion cooperation agreement about regional activation" for the purpose of improvement of civic service in Yokohama on August 22, 2016.

We push forward conduct, examination of approach to contribute to activation of Yokohama-shi to base by this agreement.

Field where is targeted for inclusion cooperation agreement

Field where is targeted for inclusion cooperation agreement
1. Thing about elderly person, person with a disability support                      
2. Thing about local disaster prevention and relief, security
3. Thing about child, youth development
4. Thing about distribution, sales promotion of Yokohama-shi article for sale
5. Thing about promotion of environmental conservation
6. Thing about dispatch of sightseeing information
7. Thing about activated and civic service improvement of other communities


What' s New (update information)

Company Overview

  Company name  : Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.
  Founding  : March, 1957
  Establishment  : November, 1965
  The location  : <the head office> 68, Kamitobatsunodacho, Minami-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto
   <the Tokyo head office> 2-2-8, Shinsuna, Koutou-ku, Tokyo
  Representative  : Hideo Araki
  The number of employees  : 46,861 (as of March, 2016) (the house city: approximately 1,300)
  City Office  : 10 Yokohama Office (Torihamacho, Kanazawa-ku) others offices in total
  U R L  : HP of Sagawa Express (link to ※ outside)


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