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Inclusion cooperation agreement with ITO EN Ltd. X Yokohama-shi

 Yokohama-shi X ITO EN Ltd.

Ito En 1 Ito En 2
  Yokohama-shi and Ito En of general drink maker concluded "agreement about supply cooperation of live live requisite supplies at the time of disaster" in this August and crossed the cooperation system which had you supply supplies to evacuation shelter at the time of disaster.
 We had suggestion that we cooperated with Yokohama-shi widely and wanted to do approach about regional activation without stopping for supplies supply of hatsuwazawaiji at "the cowound front desk" that became window which accepted consultation and suggestion about citizen cooperation of Yokohama-shi from Ito En.
 And, in fields such as carrier support and environmental conservation, disaster prevention, food education, we strengthened cooperation mutually and concluded "inclusion cooperation agreement about regional activation" for the purpose of improvement of civic service in Yokohama.
 We will send conduct, examination of approach to contribute to regional activation of Yokohama-shi to base by this agreement in future.


Field where is targeted for inclusion cooperation agreement

Field where is targeted for inclusion cooperation agreement
(1) Thing about carrier support
(2) Thing about environmental conservation
(3) Thing about disaster prevention
(4) Thing about food education
(5) Others, thing about activation of improvement, community of civic service except the above

 ○Press release document

What' s New (update information)

 School hygiene Committee food education seminar "food culture ... of food education - Japan" @ Sueyoshi junior high school
 Career education @ Kanagawa Junior High School
◆130918 ... (appropriately)
 We cooperate with Yokohama-shi workplace training business and receive internship
◆... 130331
 For disasters, we have you offer vegetables drink ("vegetables (190 g/can) for 1st" shelf-life: for 24 months) which you can keep for long term 20,000. 
◆... 130331
 We had you donate "bench manufactured by used tea leaves recycling system with tea". (sports facilities) 
 Tea seminar (by "Yokohama breath breath point" skill up workshop) @ opening of a port memory hall 
 Tea seminar @ Shirohata district center 
 The support, exhibition to Yokohama New Year's parade of fire brigades 2013 
 The water source eco-project (W-eco, p: we glass) agreement conclusion
 ⇒We participate in thinning volunteers afterwards.
 Agreement conclusion press release (mayor precedent interview)

Company Overview

 ITO EN Ltd. (we link to ※ outside site.)

 ・Establishment: August 22, 1966
   Chairperson and executive director: Hachiro Honjo
   President: Daisuke Honjo
 ・The head office: 3-47-10, Honmachi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
 ・Company scale:
   Capital: 19,912,300,000 yen
   The number of employees: 5,307 people
 ・Office of Yokohama
   Yokohama Isogo Branch, Yokohama spring Branch, Shin-Yokohama Branch, Yokohama Midori Branch, Yokohama Kohoku Branch

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