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The cowound front desk

About the cowound front desk

At the cowound front desk, various consultation about citizen cooperation from private all of you accepts suggestion!

Consultation from private enterprise, groups installs window (under an alias: the wound front desk) accepting suggestion that administration and civilian push forward talks each other in Yokohama-shi and work on solution of creation of new business opportunity and social problem.
It becomes private enterprise and contact with administration (Yokohama-shi), and Policy Bureau cowound promotion section adjusts examination to suggestion consultation that we had.

Two kinds of next forms are at the cowound front desk.

1 "theme type cowound front desk"

We show theme from Yokohama-shi to private all of you and are structure recruiting suggestion or ideas of citizen cooperation business for the theme.

[theme raising]
・Suggestion (... January 31, 29) about course and spot visit fair to be connected for "improvement of construction technology" of construction builder in eco-renovation (energy saving repair) of house and "improvement of energy saving awareness" of resident
・Idea offer (at any time) for utilization promotion of community bus "four seasons circulation"
・Cooperation (cooperation in continuous spread enlightenment) for promotion of citizen's book-reading activities (at any time)

"Theme during theme type cowound front desk offer following as for the details of each <theme and suggestion this!" Please confirm karago>

Theme during theme type cowound front desk offer and suggestion are this!

2 "free models wound front desks"

It is organization where private all of you can suggest business or idea in hope of citizen cooperation with Yokohama-shi to regardless of theme freely.

List of NEWPDF icon cowound front desk realization examples (from 20 to 27) (Portable Document Format: 538KB)

Free model cowound front suggestion is this!

3 "inclusion cooperation agreements"

We introduce inclusion cooperation agreement with company. [as for the details this!]

[what please note in suggestion]

  1. We do not accept suggestion from individual (except person running business in individuals)
  2. When the next content is accepted; of talks continue and cannot be realized
    • When it is against laws and ordinances and public order and morals
    • When against measure of Yokohama-shi or it conflicts with
    • When political religious contents cost
    • When when the government cooperates, we are not fit to have problem with publicity, equitableness
  3. We do not invite public participation for the other party of contract (when we contract by extra procedure
    masu may carry out open calls for participants for contract some other time again)
  4. By suggestion contents, we may not perform talks, adjustment with proposer
  5. It may not come true depending on result of suggestion contents, talks
  6. We announce about (the number of suggestion, adoption, summary of suggestion) as a result of suggestion on our homepage
  7. Yokohama-shi does not bear suggestion and cost (transportation expenses such as plan expense or meeting) to take to adjust and compensation, expense filling when it is impossible of realization at all
  8. As a result of talks, we may file for open calls for participants some other time and we use all or a part of information that Motoichi got and may make specifications for open calls for participants on this occasion
    But (about proposer's original right or know-how, we discuss about the use about thing that it was exhibited in Yokohama-shi by proposer that we do not hope for the use,

The cowound front desk

Cowound forum

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