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International city promotion of Yokohama

 We performed "talks" in public and private sectors about city promotion to foreign countries in the cowound promotion business headquarters after 2008.
 It is ... at place of the "talks"
・"What does information dispatch technique for Yokohama to become city "chosen" from the world include?"
・"It is a waste of the current situation that the results of international events such as FIFA World Cup (tm) or TICAD4. (the fourth Tokyo International Conference on African Development) cannot finish making use" of
・"Why don't you take domestic and overseas superior city promotion example into account in Yokohama?"
We argued about the need to send nado, charm as city of Yokohama to by "citizen cooperation" generally.

Contents (promotion picture) that were produced

 2010 is year of perfect timing for international city promotion called Haneda Airport globalization and APEC Yokohama holding in Japan.

 For the purpose of improving interest interest and visit will to Yokohama for visit to Japan foreigner, we produced four kinds of picture contents that could visualize charm as International Tourist convention city that Motoichi had in a mass.
 This picture broadcasts other than the whole broadcast with "digital signage" installed in Keihinkyuko Line Haneda Airport international airline terminal station in CM and APEC venue in news broadcasting station which approximately 220 million households watch throughout the world and utilizes for international city promotion of Yokohama-shi.

"Yokohama My Choice! "

/ Japanese translation (In Japanese)
1 MICE version (MICE ver.)
(wmv form, 1.2Mb, 30seconds)
It is Welcome to Yokohama! / scene1
Welcome to Yokohama!
It is It' s the breeze that greets the visitors to our international port scene2... /
He/she meets people visiting port where comfortable wind is international.
scene3:...The amazing amenities so near! /
Splendid commerce & amusement complex is so nearby!
It is Technology wonders that let the imagination soar / scene4
Modern building lets imagination make rapid progress.
It is where the world' s elite meets and the teams of the world play / scene5
It is place that elites of the world gather in Yokohama and was chosen as the global sports site.
It is It is the richness of our cultural diversity / scene6
Culture that is full of international atmosphere is in town of this Yokohama everywhere.
It is And the tranquility we celebrate like no other / scene7
Thanks and peace only in this land overflow every day.
It is Yokohama scene8…, My Choice! /
Yokohama, my choice!
2 Around Yokohama Station version (Yokohama Station ver.)
(wmv form, 1.2Mb, 30seconds)
It is Welcome to Yokohama! / scene1
Welcome to Yokohama!
It is / Which has traditionally through the years served as the Gateway to Japan scene2
From ancient times, we have been loved as doorway to Japan during long time by people
It is The station's central location is within easy reach of key facilities / scene3
The station functions as base that is accessible to a variety of facilities and main areas easily located at the center of traffic of metropolitan area.
It is Its future is so bright! / scene4
And Yokohama Station continues developing for the future.
It is Yokohama scene5…. My Choice! / Yokohama, my choice!
3 Water version (Yokohama Water ver.) of Yokohama
(wmv form, 1.2Mb, 30seconds)
It is Welcome to Yokohama! / scene1
Welcome to Yokohama!
International port town, Yokohama where Home to our international port / we live in scene2
scene3: Source of spirit irreplaceable as for the water of this where water is our essence! / town us!
Mysterious present which A source of our natural wonders! and Nature brought about scene4
It is A pure joy scene5... / there is filled with pure thanks and joy…
It is Like no other in Japan / scene6
Precious resources which it is Japan, but are unique
It is Yokohama, My Choice! / scene7
Yokohama, my choice!
4 The accommodations, tourist facility version (CNN ver.)
(wmv form, 1.2Mb, 30seconds)
It is Welcome to Yokohama! / scene1
Welcome to Yokohama!
It is Home to our international port / scene2
International port
It is And magnificent hotels! / scene3
And the best hotels form a line
It is Yokohama scene4… My Choice! (in Chinese) /
Yokohama, my choice! (Chinese)
It is where amazing amenities are so near! scene5 /
Splendid facility so near!
It is And great sites abound scene6... /
And beautiful place overflows
It is Yokohama scene7… My Choice! (in Korean) /
Yokohama, my choice! (Korean)
It is Where my heart swells with pride at our rich culture / scene8
Place where heart goes up because of pride to the history and culture
It is Join us! Yokohama.. scene9 My Choice! /
Come! Yokohama, my choice!
Production: tvk communications

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