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With area rebirth

We offer structure of convenient budget and, against a backdrop of local voice, cope with contemporary problem and prepare for menu corresponding to local needs and are system supporting area that overflowed in will.
Country supports approach of "independence, independence, own thought" in area and plans activation of regional economy, creation of the local employment.

We utilize special measures of regulation based on Special Zones for Structural Reform system on pushing forward area rebirth and are still more effective when we utilize other measures that area needs in addition.
Please utilize area rebirth and both systems of Special Zones for Structural Reform as "wheel of car".

Please utilize area rebirth plan.

 About reception desk (= suggestion), possible thing, we limit area and support idea to support local voluntary independence-like approach such as utilization such as handover of power from country to district, respect for voluntary discretion by subsidy reform, correction of vertical administration system, private know-how or fund generally.

 Support menu (= support measures) which can conjugate is shown in "program 2005 for area rebirth promotion" and local public entity chooses thing which was correct for local voluntary independence-like approach from the menu and makes "area rebirth plan", and support measures are applied only to the area only after applying to country, and receiving authorization.


Area rebirth plan of Yokohama-shi authorized now

  ・ "Area rebirth plan which utilized international container strategy harbor Keihin port" (second period) (June 27, 2017 authorization) 

       [inquiry about plan contents: Port and Harbor Bureau distribution Planning Division 045-671-7305]
  ・ "Yokohama work-style innovation promotion business" (May 30, 2017 authorization) 

       [inquiry about plan contents: Economic Affairs Bureau employment Labor Relations Section 045-671-2341]

  ・ "Y-PORT center functional enhancement plan by citizen cooperation" (May 30, 2017 authorization)
       [inquiry about plan contents: International Affairs Bureau International Cooperation Division 045-671-4706]

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In Yokohama-shi, there is no making of area rebirth land utility plan based on 7 of local reproduction process (April 1, 2005 law 24th) Article 17 now.
, in the area becoming a target of reports such as buildings to prescribe to 8 of law Article 17 in the city, there are none.

We will publish in this HP in future when there is making of area rebirth land utility plan.

(November 10, 2015)

※About approach about general special ward of Yokohama-shi, please see this page.

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