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Cowound promotion room

Cooperation example

ZENRIN example
Towards city that is resilience
ZENRIN Co., Ltd. /
Environmental Planning Bureau sewer business adjustment section
Pokemon example
By charm of character in town bustle
Pokemon /
Culture and Tourism Bureau Planning Division
©2017 Pokemon. ©1995-2017 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc.
Pocket Monster Pokemon, Pokemon is registered trademark of Nintendo, kurichazu game freak.
IKEA Kohoku example
Collaboration for social realization that is sasutinaburu
IKEA Kohoku /
Climate Change Policy Headquarters adjustment section, Culture and Tourism Bureau Tourism Promotion Section

Contents that were created through cowound

Teaching materials picture book for disaster prevention enlightenment
Distribution of "bosaiehon"
kabushikikaishakyosusumiinsuri /
General Affairs Bureau Crisis-Management Division
Using the cause of the supervision of crisis control room, illustration and hiragana letter which it is easy to get close to, we produce teaching materials "bosaiehon" to learn action that child should take at the time of disaster. We distribute kindergarten, nursery school, municipal special support school for city area nursing center, and it is "each person's contents which comprise", and can learn knowledge that is right about importance of ya "cooperation in area".
We publicize local production for local consumption by development of local product
YAMAZAKI BAKING Co., Ltd. Yokohama second factory /
Environmental Planning Bureau agriculture promotion section
As part of approach in connection with company in promotion of local production for local consumption, Yokohama-shi and YAMAZAKI BAKING Co., Ltd. Yokohama second factory conclude agreement about local production for local consumption. We plan product of lunch pack using agricultural and livestock products from city for a limited time regularly. For the first, "vegetables croquette & mayonnaise using local ingredients from Yokohama" is all born in vegetables of ingredients materials. After that series development is done.
BayStars example
Original design manhole setting
DeNA BayStars /
Environmental Planning Bureau sewer business adjustment section
Yokohama DeNA BayStars produces original design manhole cover to plan regional activation around Kannai with stronghold Yokohama Stadium, and they donate. We installed in JR NEGISHI LINE Kannnai Sta., 22 places around the Yokohama City Hall. We carried out as part of town development project "I ☆ (LOVE)YOKOHAMA" for person from Seki warusubeteteno to be connected in one in "Yokohama" triggered by baseball that Yokohama DeNA BayStars and Yokohama Stadium pushed forward.
Takarajima Corporation example
Yokohama novel and collaboration of the stage,
It recruits "firefighting girls"
"Firefighting girl! " ©The Takarajima Corporation / work Sato blue south ©Bamboo Publishing / Yoichi Katono / Fire Bureau personnel department
In City of Yokohama, Fire Bureau, it starts in project team to increase ratios of woman. When we hit on catch phrase called "firefighting girl", same name and Yokohama found novel of the stage, and cooperation began because we took contact to author and made poster with illustration of firefighting girl. There was notice effect with this poster and exceeded original capacity by opened woman-limited employment seminar for the first time, and the number of the passers of woman largely increased, too.
Fuji Xerox example
Historic possession work about scenery of Yokohama
To calendar
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. /
Municipal Central Library
Fuji Xerox Co., Ltd. produces "color woodblock print" about scenery at the time of the Yokohama opening of a port as wall hangings calendar for customers from the late Tokugawa period possessed in Municipal Central Library to the Meiji era. We introduce print technology of the company, and it is to thing which can look at valuable document which we want to leave in history clearly. Because we were displaying in library, and voices in hope of sale appeared one after another, we start sale of spread A3 size calendar.
General school human academy Yokohama school example
We relate to the pregnancy, delivery that we made use of know-how in
Knowledge enlightenment booklet
General school human academy Yokohama school /
Child and Youth Bureau child family section NPO corporation Fine
We produce "pregnancy, delivery MyBook" where we explained basics about sterility to by comics and illustration clearly to have high school student or university student have right knowledge about the pregnancy, delivery from us which are young. Student of comics college of general school human academy Yokohama school makes illustration, and it is in booklet which was described in viewpoint of the sterility person concerned because self-support group NPO corporation Fine with sterile experience carries prior lecture and whole constitution to student.

Cowound PR booklet

We see cowound PR booklet
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