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ZENRIN Co., Ltd. / Environmental Planning Bureau sewer business adjustment section

ZENRIN Co., Ltd.
Partner company: ZENRIN Co., Ltd. / Yokohama-shi: Environmental Planning Bureau sewer business adjustment section / effective time: September, 2015
Development of BCP (duties continuation plan) is pushed forward in the whole country to secure the staff, equipments, information at the time of disaster occurrence that duties function decreases after the Great East Japan Earthquake quickly. It was problem that Yokohama-shi held most assets of the sewer in ordinance-designated cities of the whole country and minimized influence on civic life at the time of damage how you returned early. Yokohama-shi concludes "agreement to build collaborative relationship at the time of disaster" with sononaka, ZENRIN Co., Ltd. We made use of map-making know-how of the company and support experience at the time of disaster to have of Yokohama-shi sewer business, and trial manufacture developed system which could investigate damage information of sewage trachea quickly at the time of large-scale disaster occurrence afterwards.

We make use of private assets and technique and promote efficiency of public infrastructure management

By "sewage trachea on-the-spot survey training that assumed disaster occurrence that we carried out using this system," time before performing on-the-spot survey, report of information was shortened to conventional half by planning of investigation plan. In addition, of having the feel of the place when there is not, and receive support of the staff from city, it is thought that can push forward work quickly, and it is expected by early disaster restoration that is connected. This approach won "Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Prize" (circulation rise sewer prize) as national advanced example.
ZENRIN example
ZENRIN example
ZENRIN example
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