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List of done Government building, facilities of advertisement


Event space

NameThe offer situationRemarks 
JR Sakuragicho-sta. open space event space Under offer  
MM21 district Flag, two-pole banner
(page of Pacifico-yokohama)
Under offer  


The city hall, ward Government building

Under offer

NameThe offer situationRemarks
pdfThe brochure stands in Tsurumi Ward synthesis Government building Under offer  
Advertisements such as Yokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center digital signage Under offer  
pdfFire department, firefighting branch office facility advertisement of 11 places of Totsuka fire department others Under offer  

Offer end share is this.


Other facilities, land

Offer end share is this.


NameThe offer situation Remarks
There is no item raising now.    

Offer end share is this.


(reference) official regulations concerned

The cowound front desk

Cowound forum

Account operation policy

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