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Advertisement-related official regulations

Yokohama-shi insertion summary




The establishment April 1, 2005 fortune total 864th (the chief of the bureau approval)

 These days revision April 1, 2013 nichimatsurigotokyodai 498 (the chief of the bureau approval)



We utilize tangible or immaterial assets such as public information printed matter of city, WEB page as advertising media, and this Article 1 summary shall establish necessary matter about placing advertisements such as private enterprises.



Insertion to Article 2 city assets reduces securing of new resources of city and expense by cooperation with private enterprises and is intended that we have and plan activation of improvement of citizen service and regional economy.



In this Article 3 summary, significance of term to advocate to each next issue depends on place to set of each issue concerned each.

 (1) We say thing which it considers to deserve to be to do insertion among city assets to prescribe, and is stopped to lower than advertising media.

Public information printed matter of a city

WEB page of i city

Facility of cormorant City

Oh, assets which can conjugate as other advertising media

(2) Using technique (sale of advertising slot, advertisement inevitable concomitant of product acceptance, tie-up, naming rights) that can utilize insertion advertising media effectively, we say that we place advertisements such as private enterprises and notify.

 (3) We say the unification headquarters of station ward Yokohama-shi office work division of duties regulations (the October, 1951 Yokohama-shi regulations 44th) Article 1 and station, Office of Accounting, ward office, Board of Education Secretariat, Election Administration Commission Secretariat, Audit and Inspection Commission Secretariat, Personnel Commission Secretartiat and City Council Bureau.


(range of advertisement)

We do not place advertisement to correspond to one of each issue of Article 4 next.

 (1) Or there is a threat that thing violating laws and ordinances

 (2) Or there is a threat that thing against public order and morals

 (3) Of the political nature there is

 (4) Of religiousness there is

 (5) Principles and policies about social problem

 (6) Business card advertisement of individual or corporation

 (7) We might injure beautiful sight natural beauty

 (8) We might give the public sense of unpleasantness or harm

 (9) In addition, the mayor admits that it is inappropriate as advertisement

Other than thing to fix for 2 foregoing paragraphs, we establish standard about advertisement separately.


(kind of advertising media)

Each control station Director General determines kind of advertising media to perform Article 5 insertion separately.


(standards of advertisement)

Control station Director General determines standard of Article 6 advertisement and insertion position every advertising media concerned separately.


(advertisement offer methods)

About Article 7 advertisement offer method, planned price and choice method, control station Director General establishes depending on the property every advertising media concerned separately.


(examination, the choice)

About examination of Article 8 advertiser, examination about the choice and insertion contents, control station Director General of each advertising media performs and decides to judge the right or wrong of publication.


(examination organization)

We establish Yokohama-shi advertisement screening committee (we say "examination committee" as follows.) to examine the right or wrong of advertisement to place in Article 9 advertising media.

Chairperson of 2 examination committees allots Policy Bureau cowound promotion general manager for committee with Policy Bureau cowound promotion section manager, Manager of Public Relations Division Civic Affairs Bureau, human rights section manager, Child and Youth Bureau youth development section manager, Economic Affairs Bureau consumption economy section manager.

In the case of examination about advertisement to place in three WEB pages, we shall be able to add General Affairs Bureau IT utilization promotion section manager to committee fixing for foregoing paragraph.

In the case of examination about outdoor advertising needing permission of 4 Yokohama-shi Outdoor Advertisement Act Article 9, we shall be able to add Urban Development Bureau scenery adjustment section manager to committee establishing in Clause 2.

5 chairpersons shall be able to add section manager of jurisdiction in conjunction with advertising media and contents to examine as temporary committee other than committee establishing by Clause 4 from Clause 2.

When 6 chairpersons have accident or when chairperson was missing, committee whom chairperson nominates beforehand acts for the duties.



When we admitted that chairperson is necessary when doubt produces advertisement contents about notice of advertisement, chairperson calls meeting of Article 10 examination committee

In the meeting of 2 examination committees, chairperson becomes the chairperson.

If majority or more of committee do not attend, we cannot hold meeting of 3 examination committees.

We determine the proceedings of 4 examination committees with the majority of committee who attended and, at the time of right or wrong same number, stop at place that chairperson determines.

5 chairpersons let section manager that master manages each advertising media to place advertisement in attend at examination committee and shall demand the opinion or explanation.

When we admitted that it is necessary, 6 chairpersons pursue attendance of the person concerned in meeting of examination committee and can listen to the opinion or explanation.


(general affairs)

We handle general affairs of Article 11 examination committee in Policy Bureau cowound promotion section.



Other than thing to fix for this Article 12 summary, General Manager Policy Bureau cowound promotion establishes necessary matter about insertion.



Additional clause

(the date of enforcement)

 This summary takes effect on April 1, 2005.


Additional clause

(the date of enforcement)

 This summary takes effect on April 18, 2006.


Additional clause

(the date of enforcement)

 This summary takes effect on April 1, 2008.


Additional clause

(the date of enforcement)

 This summary takes effect on April 1, 2010.


Additional clause

(the date of enforcement)

 This summary takes effect on May 1, 2011.


Additional clause

(the date of enforcement)

 This summary takes effect on April 1, 2013.



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