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List of printed matter

Brochure, booklet

  • You can see medium document or detail story when we click name of printed matter of list shown below.
  • As for the application method, please see medium document.

2017 offernew

Name (medium document)Is going to issue; the number of copiesAdvertisement chargesThe offer situationOffer final day
pdftsurumideokaimono Part 12000 Please suggest Under offer November 15
pdfMinami Ward inhabitant of a ward life map Part 13000 Please suggest Under offer October 31
Envelope for 2018 property tax (land, house and depreciable assets) tax payment letter of advice sending Approximately 1,355,000 copies Please suggest The application end August 25
(the bid participation application deadline)
pdfReserved advertisement about cancer measures in the car It is 46 pieces in total 73,000 yen The offer end July 14
pdfThe second municipal ownership place open call for participants sale business PR poster Part 2000 in total 50,000 yen The offer end July 14
pdfAoba Ward guidebook Part 14000 Please suggest The offer end July 14
pdfInformation for Vaccinations envelope (for the second half of the year) It is approximately 113,500 copies in total Please suggest The offer end July 14
Hospital attached to information for medical treatment Yokohama City University Part 2700 20,000 yen The offer end June 23
pdfRecommendation of reshuffling to direct connection water distribution system Part 5000 15,000 yen The offer end June 16
pdfseya all sorts of subject Part 6000 10,000 yen The offer end June 2
pdfYokohama-shi staff register in 2017 for Part 3000 From 12,500 yen The offer end June 5
pdfNews from hospital With 39th attached to Yokohama City University
(to HP of Yokohama City University)
Part 8000 From 25,000 yen The offer end June 2
pdfDiscovery copulates! Tsurumi Ward ... judging from ... data Part 2500 12,500 yen The offer end May 24
pdfPicture book to enjoy by holding in the arm on knee Part 30000 Please suggest The offer end May 15
pdfYokohama Disaster Risk Reduction Learning Center learning notebook Part 70000 30,000 yen The offer end May 31
pdfBook rental receipt Approximately 3,250,000 pieces From 7,000 yen Under offer December 28
pdfKanazawa Ward child care information glitter MAP Part 6000 10,000 yen The offer end May 12
pdfIzumi (spring taste) pride - direct sale place map ... Recycled paper: Part 65000
Enamel paper: Part 10000 
25,000 yen The offer end May 8
Public information yokohama Under offer (please refer to handling advertising agency for the details)

Offer of the past fiscal year

All the recruitment of advertisers was finished.

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Other mediums

Among printed materials, we place in "list of article offers" about item having you provide as brochure, booklet with advertisement.


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