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In Yokohama-shi, we perform business to provide public information printed matter or public facilities as advertising media.
Advertisement charges income that was provided by utilizing important assets of citizen's all of you is made use of for resources of municipal administration effectively.

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Please feel free to contact consultation, inquiry.
We look forward to suggestion such as new medium development. Please feel free to contact.
Yokohama-shi Policy Bureau cowound promotion room cowound promotion section (advertisement charge)
〒231-0017 1-1, Minatocho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi (city hall 7F) [the JR/ Yokohama municipal subway Kannai station square]
TEL: 045-671-3959 (sankyukoukoku) FAX: 045-664-3501
We deliver e-mail magazine by advertisement charge at any time,
We offer the latest advertising info to all of you.
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Cowound promotion room cowound promotion section (advertisement charge)  -  June 30, 2004 Making -  February 20, 2019 Update
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