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Attractive ... (Yomiuri society X Yokohama-shi) of Yokohama to convey with attractive design contest 2016 - round fan of Yokohama

※We accepted and were finished※
Many votes, thank you!

 "Yomiuri society which concludes Motoichi and cooperation agreement in Yokohama-shi" and,
By citizen cooperation business with "the Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo head office", approach of buzz-buzz support project,
We distribute 250,000 to the cities in common usage as part of every business PR of Yokohama-shi in the summer
We raised designs of round fan from city creators.

Creator designer who this approach is "Yokohama, and is active,
Because it was aimed for next-generation upbringing support "to be professional,
By city working, residence, attendance at school from creator designer, applicants 18 years or older,
The cause of theme called "Yokohama that town is filled with music and is excited" about,
Many people gave design of round fan which conveyed charm of Yokohama to.

We publish work which passed primary selection from that,
  Please select "citizen Prize" as Yokohama citizens!

   Please vote for work you like! [as for the vote this]

Until ": 17:30 for from May 12 to May 25 vote reception desk period"

No. 1                     No. 2

Work name: Yokohama dusk. We do not have teru time!      Work name: Musical band of animal
Writer name: Atatarawan                   Writer name: Sayaka Koshino

Work 1        Work 2

No. 3                    No. 4

Work name: Opening of a port Melody                    Work name: Singing voice of Yokohama      
Writer name: mizukuma                 
    Writer name: Yuna Higa

Work 3              Work 4

No. 5                    No. 6

Work name: We Love YOKOHAMA                   Work name: Town which bounds 
Writer name: majico                       Writer name: Runa Iioka


Work 5             Work 6

No. 7

Work name: From Koganecho to the world
Writer name: ikutakemakoto

Work 7

[as for the vote this] ※As for the vote, it becomes just one vote per person.

The details of contest are this.

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