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Cowound promotion room
Yokohama-shi cowound promotion room
We share aim with many of you through interactive talks, and utilize each knowledge and know-how to have to the maximum,
We want to make new value together on the stage of this YOKOHAMA.
About cowound

"Cowound" begins through talks

The cowound front desk

As teller whom all of private business people gives consultation, suggestion about citizen cooperation to, we establish "the cowound front".
Cowound promotion room becomes all of you and contact with each city hall department, and suggestion that we had performs examination and adjustment for realization.
About the cowound front desk

Cowound laboratory living laboratory

It is place of talks with a small number of people to take the place at the table, and to give ideas while being equal and independent, and arguing that administration has the same as all of company, university, NPO. With different viewpoint and sense of values, we find solution by sharing concrete problem.
About cowound laboratory living laboratory

Cowound opening forum

Person of administrative going on the platform talks with private enterprise about social problem and, as place finding new idea and solution, carries out on 1-2 times, several hundred scales in year. In addition, information to make approach of citizen cooperation of Yokohama-shi known to everyone widely sends.
About cowound opening forum

Sounding investigation

About inflection of public ownership assets of Yokohama-shi, we grasp having idea and marketability or not of private business person by talks by open call for participants at stage of business examination. In addition, we grasp setting of open call for participants condition that it is easy to enter and promote superior suggestion by conveying local problem and consideration matter beforehand.
About sounding investigation
Many examples come out of cowound
Zenrin example
Towards city that is cash register Lien's
Zenrin /
Environmental Planning Bureau sewer business adjustment section
Pokemon example
By charm of character in town bustle
Pokemon /
Culture and Tourism Bureau Planning Division
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Pocket Monster Pokemon, Pokemon is registered trademark of Nintendo, kurichazu game freak.
IKEA Kohoku example
Collaboration for social realization that is sasutinaburu
IKEA Kohoku /
Climate Change Policy Headquarters adjustment section, Culture and Tourism Bureau Tourism Promotion Section
- Main business outline -
We promote aggressive utilization of PFI system in agency and appropriate operation to utilize private fund and know-how on design, construction, administration, maintenance of public facilities, and to plan improvement of citizen service and reduction of total cost.
We promote advertisement business to utilize assets such as public information printed matter or public facilities as advertising media positively to plan finance and expense reduction. We push forward introduction of naming rights positively in total.
Instead of letting facilities of city give nicknames by city and contract with private sectors, naming rights get the value from the group concerned and are method to contribute to sustainable administration of facility. About value that city got by naming rights, we decide to make use for administration, management of facility basically.
We push forward introduction of designated manager system that can entrust management administration of "public facilities" such as sports facility, culture facility to various groups of private enterprise or NPO corporations. We plan improvement of civic service that utilized private know-how while supporting each ward station and reduction of expense.
Topics news
  • February 24, 2017
    [we hold on Saturday, April 22]
    We hold cowound opening forum "social impact forum Yokohama".
    About "social impact investment showing expanse as approach of new citizen cooperation led by Europe and America," we invite expert and share concrete example and send including approach of Yokohama widely. ※The details are this.
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