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It is recruited participants for "oneself from 17:00 way of working reform seminar for company until 17:00"

 For way of working reform seminar "oneself from 17:00 company until 17:00"

Under recruitment of participants to seminar! There are a few more unsold seats! ※We close as soon as it becomes capacity.

 Way of working reform is indispensable in pushing forward woman achievement, but, for promotion of way of working reform, is not only commitment by the top,
On-site person in charge recognizes significance well, and it is important that we practice concrete review method.
Therefore it is independent and, in object that it is important by manager, the managerial class of company, personnel affairs charge, carries out seminar to strongly motivate for practice of way of working reform,
We can connect to review of on-site way of working. 
Please participate!

Seminar summary 

1 date and time

  Wednesday, October 25 from 14:00 to 17:00 


2 objects

  Manager, the managerial class, the personnel affairs person in charge

3 capacity

  200 first arrival ※We close as soon as it becomes capacity.  

4 meeting places

  Landmark Plaza Shopping Center 25F TKP meeting room
  (2-2-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa)

5 programs

   Part 1 panel discussion (approximately 100 minutes)

  ●The theme "management of the spot to push forward way of working reform"  

  ●Moderator: Takayuki Kawashima (representative from NPO corporation kojikara Japan, Director of NPO corporation father ring Japan)
   Panelist  :Four spot responsibility post at company in Yokohama-shi, Kawasaki-shi, four younger staff members eight people in total
                        (C’BON Co., Ltd. / Takanashi dairy business / daddoei / Japan system financing government finance company / Hitachi INS software /
                                                                         Mita industry / Mitsubishi Heavy Industries environment, chemical engineering / Bank of Yokohama, Ltd.) Japanese syllabary order to adjust

  Great Society recognizes the need of way of working reform, but progress of approach varies according to company and varies among spot people in charge in the same companies.
  In the department which approach does not go ahead through, what becomes bottleneck?
  Because active spot responsibility job and younger staff member give a frank exchange of opinions, we clarify problem and investigate beginning of solution.

  Part 2 lecture (45 minutes)

  ●Theme "hint to utilize technology, and to realize autonomous way of working of each employee"

  ●Person of going on the platform: Google combination company Yusuke Yamamoto

6 application methods
  Please do entry than the following, application form.

  You can apply for application even from QR code from this➡ 


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  Charge: Nishimura, Emori
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