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The extermination of violence for woman

About exercise to get rid of violence for woman 

Purpose of exercise

 We determine violence regardless of target sex and assailant, relationship of victim and are not permitted, but violence for woman such as violence (DV), sexual crime from spouse or partner, stoker act, sexual intercourse for money, human trafficking, sexual harassment violates human rights of woman remarkably in particular and are important problem that you should overcome in forming gender equality society.
 We establish "exercise to get rid of violence for woman" period by country and decide to make a little over one level of approach about problem of violence for woman including social consciousness enlightenment.

Emblem of the violence extermination for woman whom country establishes
Emblem of the violence extermination for woman

Period of exercise

 Two weeks from every year November 12 to November 25 (violence abolition international day for woman)


 Headquarters for Promotion of Cabinet Office or other gender equalities constitution prefecture ministries and government offices (general manager: Prime Minister)

 The exercise - Cabinet Office gender equality station to get rid of violence for woman

About purple ribbon

 In 1994, we raped close parent in small town called Berlin of United States New Hampshire and, for victim of violence and abuse, were born by survivor of rape for the purpose of making the safer world.
 It spreads out in the world as grass-roots movement toward society which does not permit violence for woman, and, as for the purple, it is symbol color of exercise to get rid of violence for woman.

Approach of 2018

Press release document

We light up purple and orange at city sightseeing famous place!

We put together for "exercise to get rid of violence for woman" period and "child abuse prevention promotion month" of November and light up elephant's trunk park which is famous place in the city with purple and orange which are symbol color of each exercise.
To light up, we perform enlightenment campaign of distribution such as purple ribbon.

[we light up and carry out and provide equipment]

  • Elephant's trunk park screen panel

 Monday, November 12 sunset - next morning sunrise (purple)
 Tuesday, November 13 sunset - next morning sunrise (orange)

  • We distribute purple ribbon orange ribbon in Yokohama-shi opening of a port memory hall.

 From Thursday, November 1 to Sunday, November 4

We light up elephant's trunk park purple  We light up elephant's trunk park
State of elephant's trunk park screen panel light up
(last year)

Inquiry counter

 We accept consultation when human rights were violated by consultation about violence from spouse and partner, consultation of various problems to face in everyday life including couple, parent and child, work, gender-related discrimination.
 Please feel free to contact without being troubled alone. Consultation is free, and secret is kept firmly.

We seem to cry! DV (Yokohama-shi DV consultation support center)