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Policy Bureau
 Consultation such as gender-related discrimination
It is ... towards society where human rights of ... man and woman are respected together, and there is not gender-related discrimination

 We accept consultation when human rights were violated by gender-related discrimination including the unprofitable handling that assumed that it is thing, man who are woman reason.
 At first, over telephone, we feel free to contact, and please consult.

Inquiry counter

Telephone: 045(862) 5063

[reception hours] From 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (Thursday, every day except Sunday)
※We are absent for the year-end and New Year holidays of from December 29 to January 3.

[an example of consultation]
At school (the workplace, area), it was touched with body against own will, and sexual relations were pressed for. Totally unfounded rumor was spread when we declined.
It was said, "we endure sonogurai if we wanted to continue working" when we talked about damage of sexual harassment.
He/she does not give opportunity without doing supporting work with "... because it is woman" (man), and lending.
In public brochure "man works woman there is expression that got snagged on fixed idea based on sex such as housework".
If apply for child care (care) suspension of business, from the boss "why do you of man take? It was said, it will be duty of woman.  
[flow of consultation]
  At first we ask on the telephone, and please consult about 1.

When "proposing of consultation" is hoped for after the consultation over 2 telephones, after filling out "consultation proposal book," please submit to human rights counselor's office of man and woman by mail, FAX or bringing.
Downloading PDF mark(approximately 31KB) of "consultation proposal book"

Specialized counselor in charge of 3 asks about hope for contents and solution to proposal of consultation.

In specialized counselors of plural 4, we talk about correspondence. 

We investigate hearing after having got cooperation of the person concerned depending on 5 need.

Depending on 6 need, we perform request, instruction for improvement of human rights violations.

[presentation of consultation proposal book]

〒244-0816 435-1, Kamikuratacho, Totsuka-ku, Yokohama-shi

(the gender equality center Yokohama consultation center)
It is addressed to consultation person in charge of gender-related discrimination
Telephone: 045(862) 5063 FAX: 045(862) 4811

※Access to gender equality center Yokohama >>This

※This consultation system is system based on Yokohama-shi gender equality promotion regulations Article 10.
※We consign duties from Yokohama-shi to association of Yokohama-shi gender equality promotion and carry out.