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Gender equality promotion section

 We share both joy and responsibility while respecting the human rights each other, and man and woman shows each individuality and ability regardless of sex enough and, for the purpose of realization of gender equality society which can participate in every field equally, carries out measure based on the regulations.

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[open call for participants type designated bidding] Gender equality center Yokohama Hokuriku Electric Power talk switchboard facilities update ordering information


Press release
Public awareness findings report about 2018 gender equality






Yokohama supporters donation



‣We want to support promotion of gender equality!


‣Yokohama-shi woman achievement promotion meeting

‣yokohama guddobaransu prize
Exchange meetings such as yokohama guddobaransu prize X university students

‣Area diversity in Yokohama
‣Way of working reform seminar
Yokohama mirai-style laboratory


Working woman


It is consultation-related

‣Yokohama woman network meeting

‣Woman and work support desk

‣Hama woman spirit net mailing list

‣Woman port Yokohama

‣Career Komachi


‣List of consultation counters

‣We seem to cry! DV (Yokohama-shi DV consultation support center)



International connection


Gender equality

The 50th Asian Development Bank annual meeting

Day Africa businesswoman interchange program

APEC woman and economic forum

The mayor participates in and sends approach of Yokohama-shi


‣Council for Yokohama-shi gender equality

‣Yokohama-shi gender equality contribution commendation

‣Gender equality annual report

‣The extermination of violence for woman


Yokohama-shi gender equality center


Various investigations

‣Gender equality center Yokohama


‣The gender equality center Yokohama south

(forum Minamiota)

‣The gender equality center Yokohama north

(art forum Azamino)

‣The designated manager choice, evaluation


‣Public awareness investigation

‣Office investigation

‣Employment needs survey by woman

‣Questionary survey about violence (DV) from spouses and victim fact-finding

‣Consciousness, fact-finding about date DV


The regulations, rule, plan



‣The regulations, rule

‣Yokohama-shi gender equality action plan




We update on Policy Bureau gender equality promotion section - making - August 10, 2018
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