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Other cities cooperation (integrated administration of a large region-related meeting)

 As well as commuting, attending school, we work on consumption, and civic life shows expanse more than one governorate in cultural activities.
 In addition, broad-based administrative problems to be common to the whole metropolitan area such as solution, environmental conservation, waste disposal treatment of the issue of Tokyo overconcentration increase.
 When Kanagawa, Kawasaki-shi, the prefecture local government including Sagamihara-shi cannot miss the metropolitan area local governments including Tokyo and cooperation, approach that cooperated from the start to support these and turn to solutions such as big-city problems, joint approach of ordinance-designated cities of the whole country is necessary, too.
 Therefore, through nine capital prefecture city summit meetings, prefecture, Yokohama, Kawasaki, 4, Sagamihara chief round-table conference, designated city Conference of Mayors, national Conference of Mayors, eight cooperation mayoral roundtable meetings, we perform approaches for development of broad-based measure such as conduct of various investigations, discussion, adjustment with the relations local government and information exchange.

You can see about summary and approach contents of integrated administration of a large region-related meeting.
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 1   Nine capital prefecture city summit meetings
 2   Prefecture, Yokohama, Kawasaki, 4, Sagamihara chief round-table conference
 3   Designated city Conference of Mayors
 4   National Conference of Mayors, Kanagawa Conference of Mayors
 5   Metropolitan area prefecture city long social gathering
 6   Metropolitan area economically independent urban zone chief meeting
 7   Eight cooperation mayoral roundtable meetings

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