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Interchange with Takahata-machi, Yamagata

Friendship interchange declaration was announced by interchange such as opening a store in booth which handled local specialties in citizen of Sakae Ward Festival by staff interchange as opportunity on stack, November 11, 2017.

 Summary of Takahata-machi
 Takahata-machi is called "village of Mahoroba" which grows, and means rich livable place among hill, mountains in town of approximately 24,000 population to be located southeast of Yamagata. According to the name, alluvial fan of the Wada River was able to open up Takahata-machi Yashiro River who had the range deep kuni source of Ou; grow, and, in rich beautiful town, the mountains and hill are dotted with valuable tumulus and cave rock shade group, and is said to be northeastern Japanese Olympus.

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 Interchange with Takahata-machi
  • Sakae Ward and Takahata-machi declared friendship interchange! NEW!!

 Continuation enlarged conventional friendship collaborative relationship, and, on stage of citizen of the 18th Sakae Ward Festival held in Hongo Junior High School on Saturday, November 11, 2017, Sakae Ward and Takahata-machi declared friendship interchange for the purpose of aiming at mutual development. Friendship interchange manifesto was read aloud by Sakae Osanai Director General and the mayor of Takahata, Sagae while many inhabitants of a ward watched, and ceremony of declaration was finished. After ceremony, flower shade leading by the young staff of Takahata-machi was shown, and it was in lively gorgeous stage.

 In addition, many inhabitants of a ward visited product tent which sold specialties of Takahata-machi, and it was at splendid opportunity when we could touch culture such as meal or agriculture of Takahata-machi.
Friendship interchange declaration announcement ceremony with Takahata-machiFlower shade leadingTouch kuntohatakki, takakkiTakahata-machi product exhibition"Red oni which cried" *yomigeki

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