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Interchange with Sakae-mura, Nagano

Sakae Ward and interchange business of Sakaemura began from intervisitation business between primary schoolchildren in 1992 as relationship in the name of the same "honor". After interchange for more than the next 20 years, we concluded "friendship interchange agreement" with Sakae Ward in citizen of Sakae Ward Festival held in November, 2013 between Sakaemura.

 Summary of Sakaemura
 Sakaemura is the eastern part of northernmost part of Nagano, and, located at the prefectural border with Niigata, this area among the mountains is heavy snowfall place of Japanese eminence that quantity of snow has recorded Nihonichi. In addition, Mount Naeba, Mount Torikabuto rising in the southern part of village are popular among mountaineers, and slim glen "Akiyamago" caught in these both mountains is chosen as "100 selections of Japanese unexplored regions".

AkiyamagoUenohara hot spring, noyosano volostAmaike

 Interchange with Sakaemura
  • Charge discount of skiing area managed by Sakaemura begins! NEW!!

     By the kindness of Sakaemura, charge special discount of skiing area for residence and worked people begins in Sakae Ward. Taking this occasion, as for the lift ticket, rental ticket which there is not as for 1,000 yen discount and the which have performed as largely become cheaper each either, managed by Sakaemura by all means (from December 15, 2018 to March 28, 2019); "prosper, and do not perform to club skiing area?"

     As for the details, please see the following guidance.
      "Prosper information for club skiing area charge discount" (PDF)

  • "Ei drum" shows performance in honor public hall!

   Music festival of citizen of Sakae Ward art festival 2018 autumn is "festival of instrumental music", and everybody of sum drum performance group "Ei drum" of Sakaemura shows sum drum performance. In addition, we play "watakonoboriryu" which is active in Sakae Ward on the same day. Entrance of concert is free. Please see performance of both cities by all means!
   Festival ⇒ flyer of instrumental music
   The date and time: Saturday, November 10, 2018 opening 12:30 start 13:00
   Venue: Honor public hall (279-29, Katsuracho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi)

  • Elementary school student of Kosugaya Elementary School did making soba using buckwheat flour from Sakaemura!

 Making soba on-site training using buckwheat flour which we ordered from Sakaemura with having known that friendship interchange city, Sakaemura of Sakae Ward was production center of buckwheat flour was carried out while elementary school student of Kosugaya Elementary School Class 3 of the fifth grade learned about Japanese food production and traditional foods. (December, 2017) on the day while "meeting of wild Midori Izawa honor private supplementary school comfort agriculture dragonfly" received instruction by all of you of "noodles culture academy yokohama honor", hit side together, and had deliciously.
 Elementary school student checked Sakaemura through side and learned and were a chance to think about method to send the charm to.

Making soba experience classroom 1 Making soba experience classroom 2 Making soba experience classroom 3

Kosugaya small making soba 4 Kosugaya small making soba 5 Kosugaya small making soba 6

  • "Touch" of Sakae Ward weasel river mascot arrived at acting village mayor of Sakaemura!

 On Thursday, January 4, "touch" of weasel river mascot arrived at acting village mayor of Sakaemura. In the case of village mayor absence, we will appeal to visitor person for Sakae Ward and friendly relationship of Sakaemura in place of village mayor in future.

Acting village mayor touch 1  Acting village mayor touch 2

  • We opened a store by Sakaemura product exhibition for citizen of Sakae Ward Festival this year!

 By citizen of the 18th Sakae Ward Festival held in Hongo Junior High School on Saturday, November 11, 2017, we sold farm products and special product of Sakaemura. We performed sale of "Shinetsu nature volost natural water" collected water newly in Sakaemura from this year and had favorable reception from all of you.

 State of product exhibition           


  • Children of Sakaemura visited Sakae Ward! 

    Ten children of Sakaemura visited Sakae Ward over Monday (holiday) for from Saturday, July 15, 2017 to 17th and enjoyed interchange in house of honor sports center and Kamigo forest in ward and sightseeing around Minato Mirai with children of Sakae Ward. (sponsorship: Sakae Ward child fair communication meeting) 


  • We went to Sakaemura camp!
     We carried out parent and child camping of 3 days and 2 nights in Sakaemura on Monday (holiday) for from Saturday, July 16, 2016 to 18th. With children of Sakaemura, we experience tent tension and outdoor cooking. Furthermore, we deepened interchange including having a swim in a river in river (Kiriake Onsen (external link: Sakaemura tourist association)) which there was in hot spring when we dug which was rare in the whole country.
    (sponsorship: Sakae Ward child fair communication meeting homepage (external link))
  • We concluded friendship interchange agreement!
     We continued friendship collaborative relationship of inhabitants phase each other of both local governments and, on November 2, 2013, enlarged Sakae Ward and Sakae-mura, Nagano in citizen of Sakae Ward Festival venue and, for the purpose of aiming at mutual development, concluded friendship interchange agreement.
    As for the state on the day of agreement and the signing ceremony, please see this. → Details

  • Sakaemura interchange communication (issuance: Sakae Ward government office)

VOL.1 (October, 2012 issuance) (PDF)
VOL.2 (April, 2013 issuance) (PDF)
VOL.3 (November, 2013 issuance) (PDF)
VOL.4 (June, 2015 issuance) (PDF)
VOL.5 (August, 2015 issuance) (PDF)
VOL.6 (September, 2015 issuance) (PDF)
VOL.7 (December, 2015 issuance) (PDF)

  • Sakae Ward nau! TV "Sakaemura note line"
  • Description of Sakae Ward nau Sakaemura travelogue of Onaka Director General1)2)3 summaries)
  • The situation at the time of Sakaemura visit of the Sakae Ward staff1)2)
 Person wanting to know Sakaemura more is this
  • Sakaemura HP


  • Sakaemura tourist association HP


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