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Interchange with Nanbu-cho, Aomori

In 2009, the Sakae Ward staff is dispatched to Nanbu-cho by personnel affairs interchange and opens a store to product exhibition of citizen of Sakae Ward Festival with this every year. In addition, from 2015, we opened a store by product exhibition in Hongodai aosoramarushie and repeated interchange and concluded friendship interchange agreement on citizen of held Sakae Ward festival stage on Saturday, November 7, the same year.

 Summary of Nanbu-cho
 Nanbu-cho is next to the western part of Hachinohe-shi located at the southeast of Aomori. Fertile plains spread out in a belt in coastal place of Mabechi River flowing through the center of town, and cultivation of paddy-rice and vegetables is performed. meikyuitake of 615m above sea level rises in the southwestern part, and fruit tree cultivation is prosperous in hilly areas.
meikyuitake and Mabechi RiverCherry "Yamada Nishiki"White Huashan Hokouji

 Interchange with Nanbu-cho
  • We did branch of stage appearance and product exhibition by citizen of Sakae Ward Festival! NEW!!

 By citizen of the 18th Sakae Ward Festival held in Hongo Junior High School on Saturday, November 11, 2017 of Nanbu-cho "did not get Kenyoshi, tried to be, and stage appeared, and group" showed "yellowtail not to get" which was appointed by winter traditional event performed led by South Aomori district by important cultural property of country. In addition, specialty of Nanbu-cho "Senbeijiru" or rice or fruit from Nanbu-cho were sold by product exhibition.
Greetings of the mayorYellowtail not to getnabemaruto product exhibition

  • We opened a store in Hongodai aosoramarushie!

 We did branch of product exhibition in Hongodai aosoramarushie held in Hongodai station square on Saturday, July 15, 2017. Sampling society and chrysanthemum of apple juice publicized product of Nanbu-cho to citizen of Sakae Ward through introduction of "shrine which stupid".
State of product exhibitionIntroduction of chrysanthemum "folly shrine"Sampling of apple juice

  • We concluded friendship interchange agreement!

 On Saturday, November 7, 2015, continuation enlarged friendship interchange relations by inhabitants of conventional Sakae Ward, Nanbu-cho and both local governments in citizen of Sakae Ward Festival venue and, for the purpose of aiming at mutual development, concluded friendship interchange agreement. Mainly on product exhibition of rich farm products which caught opportunities such as farmhouse vacation rental and youth exchange through green tourism of Nanbu-cho, various events, we push forward mutual interchange!

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