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About temporary worker, parttimer whom Sakae Ward recruits

About temporary worker, parttimer whom Sakae Ward recruits

We are listing about information of temporary worker and parttimer whom Sakae Ward recruits now.

Do you not work in Sakae Ward, too?♪
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  Temporary worker raising, information of part-time job are as follows now.
Offer name The offer deadline Reference

 Sakae Ward public nursery school part-time job
 (member of member of nursery staff, welfare of each nursery school of Iijima, national rice field, Kamigo, Katsura stand, cooking) 
At any time [please feel free to contact]  Children and Families Support Division Children and Families Support Section
 Education, childcare charge
 Telephone 045-894-8463

Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi General Affairs Department Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section
E-mail: sa-kusei@city.yokohama.jp  - Telephone: 045-894-8335 Fax: 045-894-9127 
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