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Lunch break mini ★Information for concert holding

Mini gives a concert every month at Sakae Ward government office at noon on second Thursday.

Triggered by this mini-concert, interest in your music increases and is happy if connected for promotion of music culture of Sakae Ward. Come by all means♪

The 163rd lunch break mini ★Concert

PR flyer



■The date and time, venue

  • Thursday, August 9 from 12:20 to 12:50

     The first floor of Sakae Ward government office new building entrance hall no charge for admission!


... afternoon mini-live
     Hawaiian Blowin' in the Wind ... 


 ・ Bank of large river
 ・ Morning dew
 ・ We turn to the top, and let's walk
 ・ Blue light Yokohama others


 Performance: mererani (ukulele)

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