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The making of a lot of Sakae Ward flowers charm (flower sakusakae)

For daily life flower.
When there is flower, we feel the four seasons. Thought comes. Person is connected.
Do you not color your every day with flower?

It is ... with the making of a lot of flowers charm (flower sakusakae)

In Sakae Ward, anyone feels color of blooming flower seasonally and, with inhabitants of a ward, we make crab flower space which is town until the end of to be spiritually rich, and to live a life and open "ring of person to love flower, and to bring up" more than generation.

We devised "a lot of Sakae Ward flowers basics design" to push forward approach.

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We light up cherry tree of weasel riverside ※Until Sunday, April 8 21:00

<weasel river cherry tree light up 2018>
 Until Sunday, April 8 21:00
 Because cherry tree of weasel riverside was over peak of in full bloom by warm day having continued, we finish light up on Sunday, April 8.
 Many people came from light up start day after day, and thank you very much.

 In addition, please enjoy sequentially as full bloom special plan continues until the light up end.

 Period Until from Friday, March 23 to Sunday, April 8
 Time: It is turned on every day for from 18:00 to 21:00
 Place: Weasel river (around ward office, around Shiroyama bridge)

 ♪Full bloom special plan is continuing♪

 We change one color and light up color!

 "We hide, and 2 will look for touch"!
  What about cherry tree lighting up of Sakae Ward weasel river mascot
 "Touch" hides.

  It is three places that touch hides. Please all find!

 ♠Weasel river cherry tree light up 2018 flyer♣
     Weasel river cherry tree light up 2018 flyer

<state of implementation of last year>
●Period From Tuesday, March 28, 2017 to Friday, April 14

●Time: From 18:00 to 21:00
●Place: Weasel river (around Sakae Ward government office, around Shiroyama bridge)

We light up 2017 weasel rivers 2017 weasel river light up 2

2017 weasel river light up 3 2017 weasel river light up 4

We carried out Sakae Ward opening garden flower circulation tour!

 We had you usually open personal garden and flower bed where you could not enter publicly and carried out "Sakae Ward opening garden flower circulation tour".
 We had you participate toward 119 people in total in two days and, other than garden and flower bed which were usually cared for heartily, had you enjoy "flower circulation" of each site in the ward including famous place of hydrangea.

Sakae Ward opening garden flower circulation tour summary
1 date and time
   Friday, May 19, 2017, 20th (Sat)
    From 8:45 to 16:40

Two-stroke, photorecording
(1)Visit to opening garden
  (Shodo area)
Open garden of Shodo area Open garden photograph of Shodo area
(2)With visit to hill of hydrangea
  Commemorative tree planting experience
Hill of hydrangea  Hill photograph of hydrangea
(3)Approach introduction of Shonan Katsura stand Approach introduction of green meeting  Green meeting approach introduction
(4)Visit to opening garden
  (Shonan Katsura stand area)
Open garden of Shonan Katsura stand area  Shonan Katsura stand opening garden photograph
(5)With hydrangea road visit
  Weasel river walking
Weasel river walking  Weasel river walk photograph

We introduce sakaeno flower and green photograph!

We had flower in Sakae Ward and information of green famous place apply with photograph.
The application total number was 27 points.
Thank you for your application.

We introduce a part of the photograph which had you apply.
If you look at photograph and think that it is, "it is good!", carry foot to the field by all means.

  <as for the list of application photographs>

※We are finishing offer now.
 (offer period: from April 1, 2017 to September 30)

※Please refrain from the second use of application photograph.

Past approach

Chatting about various topics> concerning flower "chrysanthemum" of <Sakae Ward
About chrysanthemum said to have difficult cultivation, we introduced trivia and knowledge on a wide variety of subjects to have "chrysanthemum" have friendly feeling while showing cut flowers.

●The date and time: Tuesday, November 8, 2016 from 13:30 to 14:30
●Place: Hongo district center large assembly room on the second floor
●Lecturer: Katsue Kanda (honor Chrysanthemum flower society, chairperson)
 ※First-come-first-served basis entrance fee for free on that day
Chatting about various topics image concerning chrysanthemum 

<flower Valentine>
We put together on Valentine's Day on February 14 and, through flower, held event "flower Valentine" who conveyed feeling of everyday thanks to important person.

<main event>
●The date and time: Saturday, February 13, 2016 from 14:00 to 17:00
●Place: Hongodai station square
●Contents: One flower and original message card are presented by the first 300 people

Flower Valentine

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