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Room of Sakae Ward weasel river masukottotatchi

What's New

  Lapping car of touch was born!
 In response to request from everybody to "want car of ward office to carry illustration of touch on board!", lapping car of Sakae Ward weasel river masukottotatchi was born!
 As we are engaged earnestly, towards ward office which you can feel to be by everybody close, we would like the ward with touch!
 In addition, with thought that we want inhabitants of a ward to run with touch safely, "we take for public cars earlier" and present sticker (two kinds of /12cm *12cm) with a limitation of for each 100 pieces! (to one piece per person)
If you like, come to Public Relations Section (the fourth floor of the ward office Main Building 44th window / weekdays from 8:45 to 17:00)! 

Do you not sell product of touch?

  We were not able to use design of touch for profit until now, but use in commercial purpose was enabled from October, 2017, too. The fee for use of design is free.
 You produce wonderful product using touch got close to inhabitants of a ward, and do you not sell? → About production, sale of touch product

Room of touch


         Birth secret story

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