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Photocontest spring, -MISIA X YOKOHAMA- examination result that answer is covered in forest in the summer

Secondary to last year, thank you for applying in photocontest spring, summer.
Examination result is as follows.
Work which had you apply from all of you inflects for attractive PR of forest and nature of Sakae Ward.

"It prospers, and over four seasons ... 2017CALENDAR ..." introduces calendar of 2017 when we utilized work here.

The number of the entries

116 works (37)

(1) Scenery of forest and nature: 45 work (2) creatures and flower: 56 work (3) people: 15 works

The highest award

  • "Firefly that star falls dances" (scenery of forest and nature)

[photographer] kitchen3039
[photography place] Forest of Sakae Ward
[Masaya Tanaka comment] One felt originality that fell out for a long time in place that thought to wash down not only light of firefly but also light of star by exposure. Costarring of light to flow through summer night calmly is very beautiful.

 Work of the highest award

Special Recognition Award

  • The MISIA prize "my world" (creature and flower)

[photographer] Yasuo Miyazaki
[photography place] Forest citizen's in the shallows
[MISIA comment] We thought that it was photograph which felt that he/she looked at nature in detail and chose. We think to be wonderful for the word "world of grasshopper" in comment. We want to value the world valid each. Connection of one one life. One life one world that the connection produces. The world is connected with the connection complicatedly, and biological diversity is kept. When we paid more attention to flower incidentally, we pray for the future when such a scenery spreads anytime.

Work of MISIA prize

  • Finger appearance Kazumasa Prize "Hama kkoponta family" (creature and flower)

[photographer] Takeo Ito
[photography place] Forest of wild Izawa citizen
[finger appearance Kazumasa comment] Innocent feeling of children of raccoon dog is good. The richness of nature which was next to city is as large as life and appears.

Work of finger appearance Kazumasa Prize

  • Masaya Tanaka Prize "interest" (creature and flower)

[photographer] noanohakobunesan
[photography place] Tayacho
[Masaya Tanaka comment] We control moment when parent and child of pigeon snuggle up in nature wonderfully. It is photograph which warmth that life is brought up is transmitted through.

Work of Masaya Tanaka Prize 

  • "Wait on" for Sakae Ward long prize (creature and flower)

[photographer] Haruki success
[photography place] Weasel river
[Sakae Ward long comment] Heron to sometimes see in weasel river. It is work which we let beauty of dignified white eagle become more attractive in flow of water and expressed wonderfully.

Work of Sakae Ward long prize

Excellent prize

  • Scenery of forest and nature

"Waltz of petal"
[photographer] Iga Kazumi
[photography place] Weasel river

Scenery 1 of work forest and nature of excellent prize

In the days of "the fresh green"
[photographer] Isao Taniguchi
[photography place] Forest of Yokohama nature observation

Scenery 2 of work forest and nature of excellent prize 

Always same"
[photographer] Toshio Maeda
[photography place] Weasel river

 Scenery 3 of work forest and nature of excellent prize

  • Creature and flower

[photographer] YACCHI
[photography place] Forest citizen's in the shallows

Scenery 1 of work forest and nature of excellent prize

"Spring that is biBitto"
[photographer] Hanae
[photography place] Weasel riverside

Scenery 2 of work forest and nature of excellent prize

"Eastern buzzard-hawk which flies in forest of Yokohama"
[photographer] Oura fine weather Toshi
[photography place] Forest of Yokohama nature observation

Scenery 3 of work forest and nature of excellent prize

  • Person

"Children of having a swim in a river"
[photographer] Nobuhiko Sato
[photography place] Weasel river

Work person 1 of excellent prize

"Season of hydrangea"
[photographer] Nobuko Uesaki ※"We stand, character of "saki" blooms"
[photography place] Weasel river

Work person 2 of excellent prize 

"Raft ship"
[photographer] We come and are not more than Inoue
[photography place] Weasel river

Work person 3 of excellent prize

In addition, we introduce work which was not won here.

Prize, supplementary prize

Prize, supplementary prizes are as follows. We send out to prize winners sequentially.

・Highest award (1 work) trip ticket (for 30,000 yen)
・MISIA prize (1 work) MISIA live T-shirt others goods
・Finger appearance Kazumasa Prize (1 work) monthly "Soto Koto" half a year subscription
・Masaya Tanaka Prize (1 work) photo book gift coupon (for 5,000 yen)
・Sakae Ward long prize (1 work) friendship interchange city special product set (Sakae-mura, Nagano tomato juice, Nanbu-cho, Aomori apple juice)
・House pair accommodation coupon of excellent prize (9 works) Kamigo, forest
 ※In addition, MISIA goods are presented to all the prizewinners by MISIA

Conduct summary

 By "forest project of MISIA to send charm of forest of Sakae Ward to," we held photo contest by luxurious judge who did including MISIA of artist.

  • Offer period

  It is September 2, 2016 from May 1, 2016 ※Photography period from March 1, 2016

  • Judge

  ・MISIA (artist)     ・Finger appearance Kazumasa (monthly "Soto Koto" chief editor)
  ・Masaya Tanaka (photographer)       ・The izu beauty (the Sakae Ward head) in hill

  • Work theme

  Three themes that we could send charm of forest and nature of Sakae Ward to widely recruited.
  (1) Scenery (2) creature and flower (3) person of forest and nature
  ※We photograph in forest and nature in Sakae Ward about all themes

  • Examination result

  We announce October 27, 2016

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