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Under Sakae Ward tweet!


  • About Sakae Ward Twitter
    In Sakae Ward, we started information dispatch by Twitter on September 1, 2011.
    Twitter is communication service in the Internet to post short sentence information within 140 characters, and to read. (American Twitter company runs.)
    If there is environment (PC, cell-phone, smartphone) that can use the Internet, anyone can read.
    With public information yokohama eikuban or Sakae Ward homepage, even Twitter tells inhabitants of a ward about information.



  • Operational policy

    Account name

    @sakae_yokohama (City of Yokohama, Sakae Ward) 


    (emergency at the time of disaster occurrence)
      ・Urgent refuge information, blackout information, traffic information, refuge information     

    (normal time) 
      ・Administration of a ward information, disaster prevention related information
      ・Other information that was required

    Operation administrator

    (emergency at the time of disaster occurrence)
      Sakae Ward disaster headquarters general affairs group leader (general affairs's section manager)

    (normal time)
      The Ward Administration Promotion Division head 


    Sakae Ward disaster headquarters, General Affairs Division disaster prevention charge,
      Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section, Regional Promotion Division 

    Having follow or not 

    As a general rule, other than the measure of Yokohama-shi, we do not perform

     Having retweet or not

    As a general rule, other than the measure of Yokohama-shi, we do not perform 

    Of reply (reply)

    As a general rule, other than the measure of Yokohama-shi, we do not perform 

    The use starting date 

    September 1, 2011


  • Reading method
    Method 1: We can read from the following sites.

    Method 2: We can already read person having Twitter account by having City of Yokohama, Sakae Ward respond.

    Method 3: We read the following two dimensions bar code and can read.
  • Careful
    Please note that, as a general rule, you do not perform follow, retweet, reply (reply) in City of Yokohama, Sakae Ward account.
    Please send suggestion to Yokohama-shi and opinion from "suggestion from citizen".
    Suggestion from citizen

    Please refer to Twitter help center for usage and question of Twitter itself.
    Twitter help center (outside site)

    It is service that Twitter connects with the Internet and reads. As communication fee may become large as for the which is not the use by flat rate plan including case that we read from cell-phone, please be careful.


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