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      Sakae Ward nau TV   


Provide the present information of inhabitant of a ward of Sakae Ward; "Sakae Ward nau! Under TV broadcast!

  • The broadcast date and time: Principle every month second Thursday (it is irregular by programming, and there is change) from 18:00 to 18:20Daily news"(Rebroadcast time 20:30 - 20: 50/23: at 30 - 23:50 only as for ※ Sakae Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Konan Ward, the Totsuka Ward)
  • Broadcasting station: Cable TV J:COM south Yokohama (Sakae Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Konan Ward, Tozuka), J:COM Yokohama (Minami Ward, Isogo Ward, Naka Ward, Nishi Ward)
  • Broadcast channel J: COM channel terrestrial digital 11ch
  • Program introduction: Director General activity and ward administration information of inhabitant of a ward, highlight of Sakae Ward, "nau!" of Sakae Ward including event information We tell about na information with interview clearly.



 Sakae Ward nau of Thursday, January 17 broadcast! TV 

  The 88th program "popular person of all! Touch"

    The broadcast date and time: "Daily news" is inner for from 18:00 to 18:20 on Thursday, January 17, 2019

   Story concerning birth and popularity of touch, long-awaited goods introduce this and that about touch including becoming!

Back numbers

The 87th broadcast Para festival ❤ prospers (there is streaming)

Identification of the 86th broadcast safe community recognition ceremony
(there is streaming)

Approach (there is streaming) to the 85th broadcast Eco

We take a walk through weasel river full of the 84th broadcast green! (there is streaming)

The 83rd broadcast orchestra is fun! Summer vacation concert (there is streaming)

We charge at ... book examination for identification of the 82nd broadcast safe community recognition! (there is streaming)

We are connected to the 81st broadcast area! Kanagawa police academy
(there is streaming)

Bringing up that the 80th Open University of Japan hears, sakae child!
(there is streaming)

Let's enjoy spring event in the 79th broadcast Sakae Ward!
(there is streaming)

Local base
(there is streaming) that supports the 78th broadcast sakaeo

(there is streaming) of cooperation to spread so that the 77th broadcast prospers

(there is streaming) of connection to spread so that the 76th broadcast prospers

Cheerful senior club
(there is streaming) of the 75th broadcast Sakae Ward

Let's circulate through Sakae Ward of the 74th broadcast Edo era!
(there is streaming)

The 73rd broadcast safe community, latter part
(there is streaming)

The 72nd broadcast safe community, first part
(there is streaming)

Of the 100th anniversary of the 71st broadcast local welfare officer
(there is streaming)

(there is streaming) of the 70th broadcast ancient times, Middle Ages Sakae Ward

Let's learn Eco in the 69th broadcast Sakae Ward!
(there is streaming)

Let's play nature of the 68th broadcast Sakae Ward! Let's learn!
(there is streaming)

Visit tree of the 67th broadcast Sakae Ward
(there is streaming)

Thanksgiving Day
(there is streaming) of the 30th anniversary of the 66th broadcast Sakae Ward

The 65th broadcast asupuraza feature
(there is streaming)

"Book" of the 64th broadcast honor mind! Vibrio battle! 
(there is streaming)

The 63rd broadcast Sakae Ward gives life together
(there is streaming)

susume of the 62nd broadcast walking! 
(there is streaming)

It is finally next month the 61st broadcast! The Sakae Ward system 30th anniversary! 
(there is streaming)

Investigate the origin of Ayumi - Sakae Ward of the 30th anniversary of the 60th broadcast Sakae Ward system! ...
(there is streaming)

Ring ...
(there is streaming) of honor that flower of the 59th broadcast Sakae Ward and green - flower and green spin

With child care - all of the 58th broadcast Sakae Ward iku terusakaeno future ...
(there is streaming)

Have local production for local consumption - sakaeno vegetables of the 57th broadcast Sakae Ward; ...
(there is streaming)

Trip to conflict with the 56th broadcast Sakae Ward exploration note 2 - sakaeno history! ...
(there is streaming)

Let's walk spring of the 55th broadcast Sakae Ward exploration note - Sakae Ward! ...
(there is streaming)

Our being able to do it
for the 54th broadcast 3.11 affected areas now (there is streaming)

Cheerful company of the 53rd broadcast Sakae Ward! Tatsuno Yokohama factory
(there is streaming)

We learn in the 52nd broadcast Sakae Ward (there is streaming)

It is GO to the 51st broadcast park! (there is streaming)

We will go to the 50th broadcast interchange city! (there is streaming)

The 49th broadcast Autumn of art did in Sakae Ward! (there is streaming)

The 48th broadcast We count down towards the Sakae Ward system 30th anniversary! ... thanks, connection, dream ... (there is streaming)

The 47th broadcast summer vacation! "sakae child" of cheerful smile (there is streaming)

It is stamped out wire fraud by the 46th broadcast Sakae Ward! (there is streaming)

Are you cultured person in the 45th of broadcast this, too? ... (there is streaming) to investigate charm of ... culture city Sakae Ward

Let's take a walk through symbol river weasel river of the 44th broadcast Sakae Ward! (the latter part) (there is streaming)

Let's take a walk through symbol river weasel river of the 43rd broadcast Sakae Ward! (the first part) (there is streaming)

Let's know approach of the 42nd broadcast "making of spirit of Shodo"!

Let's think about the issue of the 41st broadcast garbage!

Let's walk the 40th broadcast weasel river!

Let's know local approach to watch the 39th broadcast children!

We will go round shop shop shops where the 38th broadcast art de leads to!

In autumn of the 37th broadcast reading, let's enjoy book!

Try the 36th broadcast hard; local welfare officer, children's committee, chief children's committee

It is health promotion by the 35th broadcast muscular workout!

Unrewarded drudge of the 34th broadcast Sakae Ward

Winding of Sakae Ward to assist in the 33rd broadcast area

Winding of house and smile of the 32nd broadcast visit

Winding of the 31st broadcast Sakae Ward cherry tree exploration

Winding of the 30th broadcast pet and living Sakae Ward

Winding of the 29th broadcast Sakae Ward history search

Winding of the 28th broadcast sakae child exercises trendy sign

The 27th broadcast Sakae Ward nau! Winding of TV of the Year

The 26th broadcast Takahata-machi nau! (the latter part)

The 25th broadcast Takahata-machi nau! (the first part)

It is winding of knowing in the 24th broadcast safe community certification memory ceremony

Let's go to the 23rd broadcast forest! Summer winding

It is winding of experience by state-of-the-art from the 22nd broadcast Sakae Ward

Let's become authority of the 21st broadcast Africa (the latter part); (there is ← streaming)

Let's become authority of the 20th broadcast Africa (the first part); (there is ← streaming)

Green attractive winding of the 19th broadcast Sakae Ward

We follow the 18th broadcast Sakae Ward! Winding of honor fire brigade

It is winding of local production for local consumption in the 17th broadcast Sakae Ward

Winding of the New Year holidays enjoyment of the 16th broadcast Sakae Ward

Winding (the latter part) of the 15th broadcast Sakaemura note line

Winding (the first part) of the 14th broadcast Sakaemura note line

Winding of interchange of the thirteenth broadcast building block feeling

It is winding of infiltration in the twelfth broadcast SELP, forest

Winding of the eleventh broadcast slope Eco life

Winding of the tenth broadcast Sakae Ward company visit

Security, relief, pleasant winding of the ninth broadcast nursery school

Winding of forest of the eighth broadcast Yokohama natural observation

The seventh broadcast
SAKAE young people festival 

Interchange salon between the sixth broadcast
community care plaza generations 

The fifth broadcast
evacuation shelter training 

New Year scenery of the fourth broadcast
Sakae Ward 

The third broadcast
Health and Welfare Center infants medical examination 

Citizen of the second broadcast
Sakae Ward Festival 

The first broadcast
Insurance and Pension Division nonau! Family Registry Division nonau!

Sakae Ward nau! TV is broadcasted in the following broadcasting stations

J: COM south Yokohama (we link to page of Jupiter Telecommunications)

  • Broadcast area: Sakae Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Konan Ward, Totsuka Ward
  • Contact 0120-914-000


J: COM Yokohama (we link to page of Jupiter Telecommunications)

  • Broadcast area: Naka Ward, Nishi Ward, Isogo Ward, Minami Ward
  • Contact J:COM customer center 0120-999-000

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