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Prosper; idea box

 Here, please let know "♪ which should be made which there should be" from all of you.
 "Idea, suggestion to make the honor administration of a ward better," "opinion, impression for the honor administration of a ward" looks forward to "local imminent information".

 Idea, suggestion that had you approach connects with post in charge and should be reference of the administration of a ward.

Idea to Sakae Ward is this: To mail sending screen

  • We delete without opening about email with attached file and email thought to be thing without titles or doubt for virus measures.
  • Suggestion that had you approach,Civic voice homepageWe may publish the equal de point.
    But we are careful about privacy policies enough and do not do publication by contents which individual can identify.
    About the handling such as personal informationThe followingPlease refer to this.
  • When you need answer, please list e-mail address by all means.
  • When you do not hope for publication on homepage of answer from city and suggestion, please specify in the email text.

    We have you understand the point and would appreciate your using.

About the handling such as personal information

 We go to tell about way of thinking (answer) of Motoichi for opinion that had you send publication widely.
On publication, we do the following handling.

  • Yokohama-shi summarizes suggestion, contents of opinion which had you approach and publishes. 
  • The origin (whose contribution it is) of published contents does not answer.
  • On publication, we consider personal information about answer sentence.
  • As a general rule, publication period is one year.

 In addition, we do not publish when we correspond below.

  • Authorized individual is distinguished by the contribution point and answer 
  • There was proposal of not wanting you to announce from one that you posted
  • Contribution of the having similar tastes effect is sent repeatedly from one that we posted and has already placed the answer
  • Contribution of the having similar tastes effect is sent repeatedly from one that you posted and cannot understand to a lot of who look at homepage if there is not past process

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