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It is "project that Sakae Ward leads" to hello Director General in 2017


Director General visits your activity place that is active in ward and hears story. We look forward to your application.

All of you whom we met  

Target one

Residence, working, more than 5 groups at school in Sakae Ward or group. In addition, the following one, group, group cannot participate.

・Do activity against public order and morals, one with the or fear, group, group
・Other exchange of opinions admitted that it is against purpose, group, group 
・Litigating in trial to assume thing and city only for the purpose of politics, religion, profit the person concerned, group, group

※I decline comment of slander, slander for authorized individual or group

Application method
In telephone or FAX or E-mail

1. Group name
2. Activity contents
3. Activity place (address)
4. Full name, contact information of the person in charge
5. Is going to participate; the number of people (more than five people)

You fill in application with this, and apply. Time is around one hour. After the application, we adjust about on the dates.

 Excel file Application (Excel)
  pdf file 
Application (PDF) 
    Application (text)

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Sakae Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section "project that Sakae Ward leads" to charge
Telephone: 045-894-8335 fax: 045-894-9127 E-mail:sa-kocho@city.yokohama.jp

We manage personal information that had you apply appropriately and do not use other than the conduct purpose that is "project that Sakae Ward leads" to hello Director General.

All of you whom we met

Visit day Group name State on the day
Monday, March 12, 2018 Child open space Morley  
 Child open space Morley's is volunteer group performing seasonal event and room play, child care consultation by "comings and goings freedom" "eating and drinking freedom" in Nakano community care plaza in venue on 4 every month second Monday to be able to do child care in peace in area.
 Director General (the same as on the left side) in hill receiving explanation from Representative Atsuko Kitamura (the right side of the photograph left). "Parent and child exercises" were carried out near.

 When exercises were over, today's event "took bill, spoor", and ga began. Children who stare still at writing brush without hating even if cinnabar red ink is painted hand and foot with. Mother sticks bill, spoor on mount which volunteer handcrafted and is completion if we write message! ♥ (from the left of the photograph right the third) where there were what and touch on mount

 When "we take bill, spoor", and ni children who do not participate run around in the room and play toy, which child looks happy at ease, too!
  At time when mother plays with big child, volunteer holds lower child in the arm instead. This can be idle with all one's might!

 Morley that reaches the 16th year from activity start, and becomes a person that it is indispensable to area now. From indoor decoration to calling, it was wonderful space where various invention and consideration were done that mother and child were relaxed and could spend time. We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Thursday, March 1, 2018 Kosugaya platinum meeting  
 Kosugaya platinum meeting is senior club by all of Kosugaya Neighborhood Associations. Membership is approximately 70.
 We visited you for birthday party of one born in March from January on that day.
 At first it is said hello by Chairperson Isao Fujii. Chairperson that meeting was supported from the beginning of start of October, 2006 came concerning February birth in the neighborhood where it was celebrated on that day.

  Then, we exchanged opinions with explanation from ward office about "town development of Sakae Ward" that we were highly concerned with for everybody who lived around Hongodai Station. 

 In time for talk, there were greetings from various places where people sent to meet got birthday from. Figure which it gave life to all one and was told with live kitoafureru smile was impressive. Director General in hill said hello concerning birth in January, too.

 It is souvenir picture with people who were born in March from January. Everybody that "we spend with friend happily in town which lived so long" was usually carried out was high-powered with spirit not to let you feel age. Will take care of yourself from now on. Thank you for wonderful time!  
Wednesday, February 7, 2018 Ozuki stretch  
  Ozuki stretch is active for the purpose of "the local friendship" and "maintenance and increase of health" once a week.
We had you speak instructions on moving greetings and body from Representative Keiko Honda (the photograph left), and Osanai Director General (the photograph right) experienced stretch with, too.

  There is person remaining from start of 1998 for nearly 20 years, and everybody is very smooth movement.
  While wonderful instructor sees state of everybody brightly, "you are always careful about breathing", and will you call out with "at own paces"? If work like a man in a trance, is one hour in no time. After having been over, body lightened very much!

  Though Sakae Ward has highest aging rate in the city, certification for long-term care rate is ward that is low most in the city. In other words, it means that it gives life to cheerful advanced age and spends live kito. We realized that such a local action supported this.
  Soft body and everybody who maintained heart gave sharing of spirit to by stretch. Thank you!
Friday, January 19, 2018 Picture-story show company prospers
 We visited you for ordinary assembly that was held once a month on that day. At first, Representative Sachiko Iga gave explanation to about activity.
 This group does folktale to reach Sakae Ward from "Sakae Ward local history handbooks" in picture-story show in sequence, and of elementary school seem to perform oral narration (cannot ask) regularly after school in kids club or small scale nursing home.

 In addition, in last year, "frog festival" about folktale to reach Kudencho is handmade picture-story show contest, from approximately 200 points of entries with what! We seemed to win "Mayor of Yokohama Prize".
Director General has been just just drawn into story with expensive picture which warm of reputation and good speech skill by judge, too.

 Then, in peaceful atmosphere, exchange of opinions was carried out. Which "we want to increase places of more activities" had request, "wanting you to treat picture-story show for adult more in library" "wanted you to maintain hall where small scale group was usable".

 At first, that it was shameful to make oral narration in all the members amateurs in public. From primary schoolchild to elderly person, many people wait expectantly for visit of everybody now. You make a lot of wonderful works, and please attract many people from now on!
Tuesday, December 5, 2017 Association of Sakae Ward senior club society
  We visited you in board member which was held once a month on that day. From the beginning, Chairperson Norihiko Nishikawa, there was explanation about greetings and organization constitution of association of Sakae Ward senior club society.
  Sakae Ward has 56 clubs now, membership is approximately 5,300. We felt to be that there very many, but decrease of member seemed to become problem.

  About the whole Sakae Ward, each district, each local activity, we had you introduce example each successively.
   In Shonan apartment house The Midori-Kai Co.,Ltd., we ask for bread sale by "making soba and dinner meeting" carrying out once a month in person with a disability facility of neighborhood and seem to deepen the friendship while eating with facility happily.
   We wanted to have more many people know that such an attractive activity was carried out in each area.

  Finally we exchanged opinions with Director General in hill. About problem that decrease of member, method of public information, senior club including security of activity place had, we suggested from Director General in various ways.

  We prevent stop-at-home, and activity of senior club leads to postponing healthy life expectancy.
  Member said saying "local, it wants to contribute to be able to do it in oneself without troubling young people while solving in oneself", but wants to push forward approaches various as ward office while borrowing your wisdom and know-how so that anyone can live in peace in area that lived so long. Thanks in advance for your help.
Tuesday, November 7, 2017 Child support farm
  There is child support farm in corner of quiet residential area.
  It was harvest of sweet potatoes day which children planted in June on that day. Secondary to preschooler of the morning, Katsura stand second graders experiences gain.

  Director General in hill which exchanges opinions with Ryo Takada live representative (the photograph right) till elementary school student arrives.
  We were born by local welfare officer, children's committee of Hongo civic center in 2006, and child support farm practiced "food education" to children through activities such as agriculture experiences until now. Saying though "children are looking forward to in every year, the staff decreases by aging, and is saying it is the severe situation that continue being active."; representative of Takada. Under recruitment of people whom you can help! It was thing called this.

  We dig potato with elementary school student under the sky of fine weather and start!

   We harvest Director General (the photograph left) and experience. It was scathing trials without falling out very much.
  "We got big one!" Innocent voice of this and elementary school student which "we have compromised on the way!" flies.

  After having performed seeing off of all of elementary school student, we take a ceremonial photograph on the staff and Director General, the ward staff.
  We feel that head falls down when we think that it has been worked to be until 600 seedlings grow up into excellent potato without staff regretting trouble.
  For children, we will think that we want you to continue this splendid activity from now on.
  Finally once again…"It is volunteer great offer!"    
Friday, October 6, 2017 Sakae Ward Go spread society
 In the Sakae Ward Go spread society, the number of the being on the register roll of volunteer person is big group of approximately 120 people.
 (approximately 170 students seem to come.)
 We visited "Kamigo Friday lesson" (progress course) that was carried out in Kamigo district center on that day.

  More than 40 students took lecture from Nakanishi of lecturer in classroom. Director General in hill which learned Go from father in the days of child admired plain lecture, and nothing was heard after the fact.

  We moved venue and exchanged opinions with officers. We had consultation and opinion, "security of classroom and venue for meeting was difficult" "we wanted to spread Go to children more, but how should we press-agent?".

  Parents' association "strawberry party" of children who went to Go classroom seemed to be launched recently. 
  We are very thankful for generation and interchange more than areas being born through Go as Sakae Ward.
   We want to support from now on so that this splendid activity continues. Thank you.  
Saturday, September 16, 2017 Sakae Ward philharmonic
 Sakae Ward philharmonic is historical group which reached the establishment 20th anniversary last year as the pivot of music cultural activities of Sakae Ward.
 It was joined, and 42 groups, 815 people visited meeting by representative now on that day.

 There was explanation about greetings and today's progress from the beginning, Chairperson Hashimoto.
 At meeting, plans of progress of "autumn music festival" of citizen of Sakae Ward art festival (from October 18 to November 19 holding) and "spring music festival" were announced in sequence and were able to know everyday activity of groups deeply.

 It is discussion meeting with Director General when the proceedings are finished.
 At first we spoke feeling of everyday thanks from Director General in hill to splendor and Sakae Ward philharmonic of music activity carried out in Sakae Ward.

 Also, from Kondo of the first chairperson, we had opinion about security of exercise place to lack from other representatives about expectation from start of Sakae Ward philharmonic to Ayumi and ward office to date.
 We could hear trouble and idea that we could not usually know by talking directly this time, and it was at opportunity valuable at all. Thank you.
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Child care cafe

 Representative Shiraishi gave explanation to about activity.
 Experienced person of chief children's committee plays a key role saying "moms want to make place to stay that can take a rest relievedly like the parents' house." and seems to provide curry and coffee twice a month in Hongo district center from 2003.

 Director General (the photograph right) had curry promptly, too. It was very delicious!
 Curry for child was prepared for child, and there was child who had another serving.

 After meal, there was event carried out four times a year.
 "Chan assistant sanno balloon play" is held on that day, and children are delighted!
 Moms challenged balloon art, too.

 Only as for some Director General, it is helped baby-sitter while moms struggle.

 Finally, we take a ceremonial photograph in touch and everybodies.
 On seeing a cheerful children, we had spirit, too.
 Thank you!
Sunday, May 28, 2017

Weasel river water side protection society

 Representative Murayama gave explanation to about activity place and group summary.
 For approximately 20 years, we seem to clean approximately 1,500 meters of weasel river most down stream once a month.

  Director General (the photograph right) enters river, too and experiences cleaning activity!
 We collected vinyl and can, cigarette butt while almost losing the footing for sudden flow different from calm appearance.

 All of from junior high student to the senior layer and police academies seems to participate in activity every time, too.
 It was great work, but refreshing smile of active everybody was very impressive.
 We appreciate that we change that we keep nature, scenery of weasel river.
 Thank you for valuable experience!

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