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 J: To COM "side beach people illustrated book"
Director General in hill appears!

For more information, look here.

Broadcast date and time from Monday, February 19 to 21st (Wed)
From 18:30 to 18:50 others
J: COM channel terrestrial digital 11ch


Director General in hill appears on "wide beach people illustrated book"!
"Wide beach people illustrated book" is program which guest with connection recites about oneself and Yokohama in Yokohama.
Not only thing of Sakae Ward but also talks of the childhood period of Director General came this time!


"Wide beach people illustrated book" collecting studio  For December one day, "wide beach people illustrated book" collecting
 In studio of J:COM in Basyamichi
 We came over.
 By this program in Yokohama person with connection
 Through three keywords, it is oneself and Yokohama
 We are assigned to this and talk!
Meeting scenery
   It is state of meeting with staff.
 It is said, "we want to photograph natural a guest"
 By concept, there is no script!

 Decide only three keywords beforehand,
 Free conversation is developed afterward.
It was breath good two people!  We prepare for public performance with Tsuneo Miyauchi of MC
 Director General in hill is look of strain a little….
 That is because, in fact, Director General is opening, too
 We sang theme song of program in this!
 We must see it from the program beginning!
Collecting was over safely!
 Collecting is over safely and takes a ceremonial photograph.
 It is said that we love Miyauchi,
 It is one piece that is the same as touch.
 "Wide beach people illustrated book" in fun!

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