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Sakae Ward young people instructor meeting

With young people instructor

 The mayor entrusts with young people instructor based on recommendation from Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations to plan young people healthy upbringing by the whole area by promoting young voluntary activity and the upbringing activity. It becomes the 26th in the 30-31 year in two years for term.

  About young people instructor business (HP of Child and Youth Bureau youth development section)

  ※We abbreviate young people instructor and use name called "blue finger" (win). 

About young people instructor meeting of Sakae Ward

 In 7 districts in Sakae Ward, 101 people are playing an active part as young people instructor now.

Young people instruction number (as of April 1, 2018) according to district

Alliance district  The number of people Alliance district The number of people 
Toyoda 18 The Hongo third 11
Kasama 14 The Kamigo west 11
Kosugaya 15 The Kamigo east 13
The Hongo center 19    

About event of Sakae Ward young people instructor meeting

 Other than night patrol or social environmental fact-finding that young people instructor of Yokohama-shi unifies and performs, we carry out various activities in Sakae Ward young people instructor meeting in each district. 

●It is this about business "Sakae Ward child camping" special in 27 → Sakae Ward child camping (finished)

●Schedule in 7 districts is this → Schedule (2018)

●It is this about workshop at the whole → All the members workshop

In addition, blue finger of 7 districts cooperates with junior high school in Sakae Ward and holds plan, "SAKAE young people festival" to carry out every year in front of Hongodai Station in March.

News from Sakae Ward young people instructor ... or tub ...

 It is public relations magazine of Sakae Ward young people instructor meeting issuing twice a year ("news from blue finger").

  60th (November 1, 2018 issuance) PDF5 .86MB
  59th (June 1, 2018 issuance) PDF3 .20MB
  58th (November 1, 2017 issuance) PDF2 .43MB

 57th (June 1, 2017 issuance) PDF3 .12MB

 56th (November 1, 2016 issuance) PDF2 .56MB

 55th (May 1, 2016 issuance) PDF2 .02MB

 54th (October 1, 2015 issuance) PDF2 .83MB

 53rd (May 1, 2015 issuance) PDF2 .45MB
 52nd (November 1, 2014 issuance) PDF1 .62MB

 51st (May 1, 2014 issuance) PDF1 .60MB

 50th (November 1, 2013 issuance) PDF5 .50MB

 49th (May 1, 2013 issuance) PDF1 .75MB

 48th (November 1, 2012 issuance) PDF267KB

 47th (May 1, 2012 issuance) PDF1 .08MB

 46th (November 1, 2011 issuance) PDF5 .80MB

 45th (November 1, 2010 issuance) PDF3 .93MB

 44th (May 1, 2010 issuance) PDF2 .11MB

 ※Jan festival feature that we were going to issue on May 1, 2011 called off issuance with cancellation of "SAKAE young people Festival 2011".

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