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Information for After-School Care Program Clubs (Schoolchildren's Day Care)

After-School Care Program Clubs (Schoolchildren's Day Care) is facility to spend happy after school by security for elementary school student (as a general rule, elementary school 1-3 years) which protector is not after school.


The location

Phone number

Main schoolchild being on the register roll elementary school

 kuden schoolchild nursery school 

 740, Kudencho


 Hongo, Katsura stand, Kamigo others

 House of kuden schoolchild sawtooth oak 

  11-33, Katsuradaihigashi


  The Kamigo small, Katsura stand others

 Luther Schoolchildren's Day Care society

 2-26-3, Kosugaya


 Nishihongo, Kasama others

 Hongodai schoolchild nursery school

 623-2, Kudencho


 Hongo, national rice field, Kasama others

 Kosugaya schoolchild nursery school

 3-11-10, Kosugaya


 Hongodai, Kosugaya, Koyamadai, Hinominami others

 Honor After-School Care Program Clubs

 2-8-18, Kosugaya


 Nishihongo, Kosugaya, Hongodai others

As for this, in the kids club, please see this after school true child contact school.

As for the list of elementary school student upbringing business, please see this Sakae Ward after school.

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Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi Health and Welfare Center Children and Families Support Division is in charge of elementary school student after school
E-mail: sa-kodomokatei@city.yokohama.jp - telephone: 045-894-8434 Fax: 045-894-8406 

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