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Power and energy up of woman

We do such a thing this year to support woman!

♥Approach of 2017

We do such a thing in "power and energy up business of woman" to support achievement of ... woman in 29! ...

♥Prosper; small town assembly ... business report ...
♥Prosper; girls day ... business report ... 
♥Bon Marche prospers; ... woman entrepreneur collaboration business ... business report ...  

Prosper; small town assembly

♥Prosper; small town assembly

In this year, we had you participate in not only working woman but also man in company, group in Sakae Ward for the man and woman making of job that was easy to act together and carried out lecture and workshop, exchange meeting, facility visit!

Friday, November 17, 2017 holding
   State on the day is this ↓

    Part 1
  Lecture & workshop
"changes feelings of anger into plus" by "the anger management"
  Lecturer: Lecturer at association of anger management headquarters Yuko Honda in Japan

    We learned about coping method of anger (anger) that was one of the natural feelings for person.
    Score does the degree of anger (1-10) and talks about irritation that we felt to be the workplace and home in workshop and,
  To title such as "what as for the rule to think that you should certainly protect if we will live together with all the groups,"
  A lot of to be useful for in harmonious atmosphere at the workplace and home when we recognize difference between oneself and tolerance level of others
  We were able to wear skill of this.

  Part 2 exchange meeting
  Director General (the left photograph center) in hill participated, too and performed dice talk.
  By eye that appeared, "because of the profession, being interested" "We are doing what in reward to this and oneself after having done the best a little"
  We talk about nadono theme. Venue which swells by true intention talk across fence of the type of job.
  Participants gave voice, "we could talk with various occupations and were fun." to.

  Facility visit meeting

We observed "gender equality center Yokohama" that became today's venue.
  Hall, "fitness room" performing healthy course as well as rooms for rent such as meeting rooms
  "Information libraries" which book or magazine can read "life studio" where there are cooking or work
  We had you guide, and everybody was surprised saying "we did not know being so substantial facility".

   With "prospering, and small town assembly" participating in man from fourth, this time in this year; became held.
   Everybody was tense look first, but place warms by openhearted personality of Mr. Honda of Part 1 and witty talk at a stretch,
   Friendly atmosphere was born. Everybody throws off the reserve so as not to think to be the first meeting in Part 2,
   Figure to talk about with smile remained in impression very much.
   It was short time called three hours, but "ring of connection" between people who worked in Sakae Ward was born well!
   We value this connection and will push forward approach in future to be able to add ring more.


Prosper; girls day 2017

♥Prosper; girls day 2017

Gather! sakaeno women ★Let's be connected! Let's assist! Let's enjoy! We performed sale by woman entrepreneur on theme in this "relievedly this year in venue of illuminations lighting type" Friday, December 1!
 ★It is "illuminations lighting type flyer relievedly"★

 [state on the day]

Bon Marche prospers; ... woman entrepreneur collaboration business

♥Bon Marche prospers; ... woman entrepreneur collaboration business 

As support of a variety of ways of working to lifestyle, we support entrepreneur of woman. 
 In this year, three woman entrepreneurs of Japanese dishes, miscellaneous goods sale, aroma relaxation, handmade vegetables sale opened a store.
 ★"Bon Marche prospers"; flyer (October 13)★ 
 ★"Bon Marche prospers"; flyer (December 1)★

 [state of the first floor of October 13 Nichiei ward office lobby venue]

[December 1 relievedly state of illuminations lighting-type venue]

Past approach

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