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Have sakaeno vegetables

 Is fresh, and eat a lot of vegetables which are good for health deliciously; and in Sakae Ward cheerful all!


 Because vegetables have a low energy after vitamin, mineral, dietary Fiber are abundant, it is ingredient which is indispensable for the prevention and the making of healthy body of lifestyle-related diseases.
 Fortunately, Sakae Ward that we live has much green, and, in natural rich place, agriculture is prosperous for a long time, and there is still field in many places.
 As we put together in season and cultivate vegetables of many items, we can obtain fresh seasonal vegetables in direct sale place.
 Here, we introduce representative vegetables made with Sakae Ward as "sakaeno vegetables".

Recipe using "sakaeno vegetables"

It is introduction of recipe that had you apply from one and work living in Sakae Ward (we do not raise now).
All the recipes publish in COOKPAD Yokohama-shi formula kitchen (outside site).

  • Vegetables recipe that child comes to like

   Surprised! nasukkigyoza
   Sakae Ward whole curry
   3 firewood happosai that 2 comes
   Grilled W green onion
   A lot of green onion radish rice cakes
   Sauteed cantonnais which green pepper is easy to eat
   Plenty of vegetables bibimbap bowl favorite as for the child
   Fresh brief salad bowl
   Soboro sauce of eggplant
   Edamame pudding of tanokuro bean
   Salad of deep-fried taro and mizuna greens
        Pilaf of tomato whole with rice cooker
   Gyoza of eggplant and cabbage
   kisakaeno plenty of vegetables grill that child likes very much
   *kan! Lucky bag of red bell pepper
   Parfait of vegetables
   Fresh Chinese food of onion match bitter gourd
   Curry fried of onion and green pepper with canned mackerel
   Mapo tofu style with green pepper
   It is tomato salad with honey
   It is genovese with leaf of carrot ☆Vegetables fritter
   Stewed Japanese hamburg and village potato and Japanese mustard spinach

 ・Easy vegetable recipe for breakfast

   yasaitappuri risotto
   Namul of cabbage and tuna
   Mourn over broccoli with egg
   Steamed vegetables with seaweed cheese
   Cheese of pumpkin and onion expand
   Soup of brief spinach
   Soup of seaweed and lettuce
   Three colors of brief salads of bean sprouts, cucumber, tomato
   Mourn over soba soup of bitter gourd and cabbage
   Colorful vegetable rice onigiri
   With Isobe these with a lot of seaweed Japanese mustard spinach
   Asazuke of small turnip
   Salad of onion dressing de spinach
   Green pepper sauteed with soy ginger
   At all! Chilled Italian

  • General vegetables recipe

   Mustard vegetables seasoned with vinegar
   Cream stew of Chinese cabbage
   2 sleet pans of meat firewood spring giku 3
   We are packed in cheese meat of green pepper in the summer
   Lick with Japanese mustard spinach; with Takeno thing
   Tofu, vegetables Ann bet
   Plum salad of turnip and lotus root
   Carrot with mustard seasoned cod roe
   Plenty of vegetables! Kenchin-jiru
   Mixed rice of canned scallop and Ayano greens
   Miso soup of Japanese radish and Japanese mustard spinach
   Sweet pickling in vinegar of red turnip
   Hoto-style miso soup
   Sweet pickling in vinegar of daikon
   Color root miso soup
   Salad sesame flavor of Japanese radish and hijikia fusiformis
   Salad of carrot and raisin
   Vegetables consomme with tomato
   Chinese fried of mizuna greens
   Spinach with fatty tuna fatty tuna
   sakaeno blessing ratatouille
   Omelette with vegetables
   Celery simmered with soup
   Kimpira of pumpkin
   Salad of carrot and bitter gourd
   Melty eggplant mer baud style
   Of Chinese spinach and Japanese mustard spinach ache quickly
   Add nanbanzuke summer field greens of eggplant in various ways
   Summer vegetable curry
   Cucumber and ascidian with vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar
   Brief heating corn!
   Tamagotoji of what is available vegetables and tofu
   For crab source of broccoli
   Pickling in vinegar curry taste of cailiflower
   Colorful clean tomato salad
   Bitter gourd and ball neginookakamabushi
   Of daikon and fried bean curd is dish simmered in quickly
   Chinese marinated brown alga
   We make with milk! With cottage cheese, Japanese mustard spinach
   Steamed cake of pork and seasonal vegetables
   Hot sauteed large grudge and whitebait
   Pork and Ankake of Chinese cabbage
   Soft and fluffy egg and field mustard udon
   Salad (lemon flavor) of cucumber and cabbage
   Crunchy sauteed cucumber and bean sprouts
   It is soaked in fresh white soup stock of vegetables in the summer
   Garlic flavor of corn and edamame
   Stew of a lot of spice eggplant
   Al Bondi gas (meatball soup)
   Brief sauteed pork tosakaeno vegetables
   Hiyajiru somen made with miso

  • Recipe that member of improvement promotion recommends to the eating habits

     As for the Sakae Ward eating habits, member of improvement promotion society (nickname health mate) have "sakaeno vegetables"! It is recipe that we made for business.
       ★Autumn, winter recipe
    Colorful vegetable with plum butter
    Saute this with turnip  
    Frill salad of daikon
    Hot soup of lotus root and Chinese cabbage 
   ★Spring, summer recipe
    For tomato ponzu vinegar of zucchini
    Sauteed eggplant and pumpkin with change
    Miso is miso! sakaeno plenty of vegetables curry
    Simply! Of celery and green pepper fry quickly
    Super easy! Method to avoid seeds of green pepper, and to cut

Food education, local production for local consumption of imminent place

We distribute food education information magazine

 "Had!" "sakaeno vegetables", and food education information magazine which we summarized information about vegetables which wanted all of you to know in issued o.

 Food education information magazine (PDF: 8.2MB)
  As mention contents had error, we correct as follows.
 Materials of 13 pages of "plenty of vegetables bibimbap bowls favorite as for the child"
 ⒶIt is teaspoon 4 [plus] teaspoon 1/2 "garlic tube" of seasoning [mistakenly]
 ⒷIt is teaspoon 4 [plus] teaspoon 1/2 "garlic tube" of seasoning [mistakenly]
 We distribute booklet that distribution is hoped for in Sakae Ward government office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section (new building 303 window).
 As circulation is limited, we may not measure up to hope of the number of copies, but thank you for your understanding.


Sakae Ward government office Health and Welfare Division Health Promotion Section

Telephone: 045-894-6964  

Address: 〒 247-0005 303-19, Katsuracho, Sakae-ku, Yokohama-shi

Window: New building the third floor 303 

E-mail address: sa-yasai@city.yokohama.jp

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