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After it was over 1 year old to give honey

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About baby/infant botsurinusu symptom with honey

We may suffer from baby/infant botsurinusu symptom by baby/infant younger than one year eating honey.
Honey is food which is high-risk in baby/infant younger than one year.
As Clostridium botulinum resists heat, we are not killed in normal heating and cooking.
It will prevent you from giving baby/infant younger than one year food such as honey or drink, cake with honey.

Generally, Clostridium botulinum may get mixed because honey does not heat-treat before packing.
In addition, heat resistance of Clostridium botulinum (sporule) is considered to be four minutes at 120 degrees and does not die of normal heating and cooking.

For more details, after it was over 1 year old he/she look at this, and to give Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare homepage honey

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