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Urgent news (typhoon 24 related information)

About refuge start such as refuge preparations, elderly person

 "Refuge start such as refuge preparations, elderly person" was announced at 16:00 on September 30, 2018. Needing time for refuge including the elderly, child, impaired person, ill person, please start refuge action voluntarily early.
  One supporting refuge, please start support action.

About the establishment situation of refuge

  As we opened the following refuge in Sakae Ward at 16:00 on September 30, 2018, we will tell. In addition, we will tell about the future establishment situation at any time in this page.
 [the night and refuge in the strong situation of wind and rain may be dangerous. Being is effective for floors on the second floor or above of building depending on thing and the situation to keep early refuge in mind.]

[area for]

A part of Kudencho
2, Kosugaya, a part of 3
A part of 5, Shodo
A part of Kamigo-cho
A part of Nagaodai-cho
※Detailed place is this place

[the establishment situation of refuge]
Facility name Address Remarks (the establishment situation)          
Hongodai Elementary School gymnasium 1-6-1, Hongodai  Under establishment
Former Shodo Junior High School combat sport ground 3-1-1, Shodo Under establishment
 Katsura national rice field town assembly Hall 441-1, Kudencho   Under establishment 
Hall in Nagaodai-cho 562, Nagaodaicho Under establishment


 Sakae Ward government office telephone: 045-894-8312

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