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Disaster prevention, road safety, consumer life

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☆ Urgent news

☆ About designation refuge, designated urgent refuge (to General Affairs Bureau homepage)

☆ To earth and sand disaster possess (to General Affairs Bureau homepage)

☆ Sakae Ward and hot water excellent elation perform collaboration by disaster prevention!

Disaster prevention information


Disaster prevention map brochure

Disaster prevention of Sakae Ward

Disaster prevention measures of Yokohama-shi

Furtherance support at the time of damage


Disaster prevention-related collection of links

Road safety information

 Number of traffic accident outbreaks of Sakae Ward shows a tendency toward decrease by various approaches of all of area and affiliates.

 However, fatal accident still occurs, and, also, it is big problems such as the ratio of accident of child and elderly person being high.

 Therefore we made "Sakae Ward road safety map" which illustrated outbreak point of traffic accident based on data provided by honor police department in Sakae Ward road safety measures meeting.

 We pay attention in particular at place that accident is easy to produce and hope that we have you utilize "Sakae Ward road safety map" toward realization of town development of security, relief.

Consumer life

・About meeting of member of Sakae Ward consumer life promotion

Member of consumer life promotion promotes independent activity of consumers based on the Yokohama-shi consumer life regulations and we receive commission from the mayor and, for the purpose of planning promotion of comfortable consumer life by civic security, are active.

Meeting of member of Sakae Ward consumer life promotion 2014 "stop malicious business method! Under the theme of biography eyo consumer life synthesis center, we are active eagerly in area including information dispatch by holding of dispatch lecture/off site lecture for malicious business method damage before the fact prevention and issuance and event of public relations magazine.

 It is this in detail

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