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Approach introduction brochure

Brochure "town development of environmental city of the future Yokohama"

Under campaign conduct of choimobiyokohama spring!


Under round trip type car sharing experiment!
Please use choimobi for sightseeing in Yokohama!

We played with Yokohama Walker and were and were published in Yokohama!
Leaflet of recommendation course mention is this!

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Under campaign conduct of choimobiyokohama spring!
 In choimobiyokohama from Tuesday, March 20 to Sunday, April 8,
 We carry out spring campaign!

Cherry tree
 ☆ We discount in popular shop when it comes in choimobi and give a service!
   Eating and drinking are 10%off in [cafe Elena] [Navios Yokohama]
 ☆ Only in Friday, March 30, two days on Thursday, April 5,
   Maximum rate of normal 3,000 yen to anything and 1,000 yen!
 ※choimobi is for exclusive use around Minato Mirai district in choimobiyokohama
  We install free parking lot. For more details, please see station guidance.

 Yokohama-shi works on use expansion of low-carbon traffic toward realization of environmental city of the future. It is eco-friendly and, as part of this approach, carries out proof experiment "choimobiyokohama" which utilized microminiature mobility without carbon dioxide emission running by NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd. and collaboration from 2013.
  We started round trip type car sharing experiment on March 17, 2017 newly. It is in sign-in reception desk in site for exclusive use of the following.


March 8, 2017 press release document (PDF: 1MB)



■Business summary

1 company
○The business main constituent: NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd., Yokohama-shi

  ○It is driven by administration: Nissan car rental solution
   Car share system development: saju (Nissan car rental solution trust company)

2 purposes 
○Promotion of low-carbon traffic
○Improvement of convenience by diversification of means of transportation
○Promotion of sightseeing in Yokohama

3 conduct periods 
March 17, 2017 ... (we plan two years)

Can run 4; area 
  The Yokohama city (except expressway, driveway)

5 service contents

(1) Car share method
   Round trip type car sharing
※Car share method to return vehicle to station which departed.
Return (drop off) in station except station which departed is not possible.

(2) Operational number

(3) Station (kashito, return place)
   14 places (for 25) including Yokohama Station - Minato Mirai - Kannai area

(4) Temporary parking space (free parking space for exclusive use of choimobi)
   12 places (for 23)

(5) Charge
   Base rate 200 yen +250 yen /15 share (up to 3,000 yen) per one time of use

(6) Use time
   From 8:00 to 20:00 ※We remove some stations

(7) Card for the certification
   We register driver's license or your pro-traffic IC card
 (8) Sign-in method
   We access the homepage mentioned above with PC, smartphone.
   After watching "operation explanation of vehicle, video about careful driving", we subscribe required items after input