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Brochure "town development of environmental city of the future Yokohama"

Short film "self-sacrifice" to send environmental city of the future, charm of Yokohama to

 Environmental city of the future ※To send about charm of Yokohama pushing forward town development appropriate for 1 widely, short-short executive committee ※By 2 (representative: Tetsuya Bessho) and cooperation of Yokohama-shi, we produced short film "self-sacrifice". As we release the main story and making picture of work in the following official site, please see by all means.

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Title   "Self-sacrifice"

[supervision]    Tsutomu Suzuki

[appearance]    Charlotte Kate Fox hiimeinichikoreimokumuna silyl kopini (appearance of voice) Akira Emoto

[work time] 17 minutes 59 seconds

[public notation] Whole book delivery starts on Friday, February 10, 2017 in official site

[public notation] It shows in Minato Mirai yellowtail rear short-short theater from Thursday, February 16, 2017

[public notation] June, 2017 short-short film Festival & Asia 2017


French bread craftsman, Eriko who came over to historical bakery of Yokohama suddenly. We press Honda of storekeeper "to cry this bread". Eriko who is freewheelingness is incompatible with Honda who gets old, and is stubborn. Two to recognize through the making of bread each other little by little while rebelling. And true purpose that Eriko to look for "recipe of first Japanese bread" visited Yokohama leads the life of two to unexpected direction. Story only in Yokohama more than time and borders here.

Still picture Still picture

※About 1 environment city of the future…  
One of the national projects to make city where we wrestle for various social problems such as correspondence to environmental problem and super aging generally, and there is vitality.
Yokohama-shi was chosen from country in December, 2011 by "environmental city of the future".

※About 2 short-short executive committees…  
We hold short-short film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) which is Academy Award official recognition in America, the highest possible international short story film festival from Japan in Asia in Tokyo and Yokohama. Grand prix prize winner of film festival is targeted for Academy Award short story section nomination selection in America.
In Yokohama, movie theater specialized in short film, yellowtail rear short-short theater established in Minato Mirai in 2008, and Yokohama holding of SSFF & ASIA became the ninth in last June.


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