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 "COOL CHOICE" is approach that it is said to do every "smart choice" to be connected to live comfortable again to contribute to warming measures including product, service, action of energy saving, low carbon type. In imminent life, we choose optional action now for the future. Yokohama-shi practices such a lifestyle.

 International framework "Paris agreement" of warming measures after 2020 when country and area of 196 countries of the world participated in United Nations U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change 21st contracting party meeting (COP21) of December, 2015 was adopted.
 It is wish common throughout the world to succeed a certain limit resource and rich environment in the next generation.
 It is the Japan's biggest basic municipality that approximately 3,730,000 citizens and 110,000 establishments are active, and, in Yokohama-shi, it is in big strength of Yokohama the accumulation to wrestle in everyday life and operation in it being possible for we each one.
 For "the COOL CHOICE - future, let's choose now. We practice ... us.
 With citizen, all of companies, we will aim at lifestyle in consideration for environment.


May, 2016
Mayor of Yokohama Fumiko Hayashi 
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