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Suspicious calls thought to be refund fraud occur frequently!

As of Wednesday, November 1, suspicious calls thought to be refund fraud occur frequently in Nishi Ward.

Criminal talks about the staff of ward office and does the following call.

"There was refund of medical expenses , but called as there was not application.
 We adjust if he/she tells bank name and account number to get a contact from bank later."

If there is such a telephone, let's be careful!

You must not tell another person bank name and account number, password.

Let's take confirmation in ward office without trusting even if said, "there is refund" on the telephone!

In addition, you hang up, and please report to the police immediately when you felt that contents of telephone are even slightly improper.

It is dangerous to think, "oneself is all right!"!

Because we do not encounter damage, let's raise awareness of each person's anti-crime program!