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≪Today 12/3 held decision! On the day participation is OK! Walking Festival of >> eleventh Nishi Ward Hama

With family! With friend! Anyone can participate ♪ Do you not enjoy walking while feeling the sea breeze of port?

  We hold today's "walking Festival of the eleventh Nishi Ward Hama" on schedule.
  We bring reception desk postcard, and person applied for in advance come to "reception desk tent" of each course of start venue (Nisimae Elementary School ground).
   (as for the which though we lost reception desk postcard or we applied in advance, reception desk postcard does not reach
    Sorry for your inconvenience, but come to start venue "reception desk tent the meeting headquarters on that day".)
  In one applied for in advance, notification in case of absence is unnecessary.

  In addition, start venue (Nisimae Elementary School ground) come to "the meeting headquarters, day reception desk tent" at the reception desk time of each course as on the day participation is possible.
  We look forward to your participation. (12/3 update)


  Theme of course of this year is "kitchen ... shop, city, port ... of Hama"!Walking Festival logo mark of Nishi Ward Hama

  We walk former Tokaido this year!

 "Yokohama rose, and course offered course of two of course" (approximately 6km) with "way course of meal" (approximately 8km).
 Through the Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market home (only as for way course of meal) supporting kofukujimatsuharashotengai full of many people and food culture of Yokohama, it is course that can enjoy scenery to overlook the sea breeze and the sky and the sea of port.
 In addition, in goal venue, we perform lottery where gorgeousness premiums such as meal tickets of service and supporting company offer of hot oshiruko hit!

 With family and friend, do you not find charm of Nishi Ward which you did not know so far?          

Event summary

The date

      Sunday, December 3, 2017  ※We cancel at the time of rainy weather decisive action, stormy weather (at the time of weather warning official announcement)

Entrance fee

      It is 300 yen more than the public, high school student 

      Small, junior high student 100 yen

      Preschool child for free


      Start venue (meeting place) Nisimae Elementary School (2-27-7, Chuo, Nishi-ku)

           It is approximately 8 minutes on foot from Keihinkyuko Line "Tobe Station"

           It is approximately 8 minutes on foot from Soutetsu Line "Hiranumabashi Station"

      Pond (1-1, Minatomirai, Nishi-ku) of goal venue Rinko Park (Seaside Park) damage by sea water

                State of last year


We offered next 2 course this year. Please choose course you like.

One meal of way course (approximately 8km) time required: Around two hours

      Reception desk: From 9:00 to 9:30    Start: 9:30 ...

2 Yokohama rises; the course (approximately 6km) time required: Around one hour 30 minutes

      Reception desk: From 9:30 to 10:00 start: 10:00 ...

Course map

      Course map

Prior application (on the day we accept participation on first-come-first-served basis.)

Application method

      Apply beforehand at telephone, FAX, E-mail, Nishi Ward Regional Promotion Division 48th window.
            Prior application was finished at 12/1( iron) 17:00.
          On the day one desired come to "meeting headquarters, day reception desk tent" of start venue by participation directly.

Application reception desk period

      From Saturday, November 18, 2017 to Friday, December 1, 2017 17:00,
        We accept sequentially at telephone, FAX, E-mail, Nishi Ward Regional Promotion Division 48th window.

      ・ On the day person that application is hoped for after 17:00 on Friday, December 1, 2017 come to direct venue.
        (as for Saturday, December 2, the 3rd (Sun) at telephone, FAX, E-mail, window please note that you cannot accept.)


When you apply, matter necessary

      1. The name, furigana

      2. Zip code, address

      3. Phone number

      4. Participation division (more than the public, high school student the small, junior high student, preschool child)

      5. Kind (way course, Yokohama of meal rise either of course) of course

      6. yokohama walking point pedometer (we have and, during application, do not have)

Application, reference

      It is ... 6 1 mentioned above. You attach contents of this, and apply by any of the following method.

      As the flyer back side becomes application, you download, and please use.

      (1) Nishi Ward Regional Promotion Division window (Nishi Ward Office the fourth floor 48th window)

      (2) Telephone 045-320-8390, 8391

      (3) FAX 045-322-9535

      (4) E-mail ni-walking@city.yokohama.jp

      (5) The Internet (Yokohama-shi electron application) 
          ・We can apply for smartphone according to screen from this. (10/10 exhibition)

           ・We can apply for cell-phone according to screen from this. (10/10 exhibition)

           ・We can apply for PC according to screen from this. (10/10 exhibition)


  • Child who is lower than primary schoolchild needs companion of protector.
  • In the case of the use, we can participate by wheelchair stroller, but there are some slopes in course.
  • Sponsor copes within the accident insurance that emergency measure and sponsor take out by any chance when accident occurs.
  • On the day we distribute tea (with paper pack) by reception desk tent.

yokohama health-style - YOKOHAMA ENJOY WALKING

yokohama walking point

 We attach pedometer, and let's participate in walking!
 According to point every steps, premium hits by lot. Please confirm this about acquisition method and the details of pedometer.
 In addition, on the day we issue on the temporary same day of pedometer. Take thing to be able to make identity verification such as health insurance cards into.
 I apply in start venue and accept and hand pedometer in goal venue. (number is limited.)

yokohama health stamp rally

  Walking Festival of Nishi Ward Hama is target event of "yokohama health stamp rally".
  The details of stamp rally business, please identify this.

We go out, and my bottle campaigns

3R dream character
    On the day, in Asama lower park of the course middle, we give free of charge of water.
    We present wonderful premium to person who came to have my bottle in goal venue!
       ※My bottle…Including water bottle, tumbler (plastic bottle does not include)
       ※We click this about my bottle my cup promotion    


Supporting companies (random order)

 Kanagawa center Yakult sale, Yokohama Landmark Tower, SKY GARDEN,

 EBARA Foods Industry Inc., Yokohama natural hot spring spires, OMRON HEALTHCARE,

 Yokohama CosmoWorld (Amusement Park), Ando sports, original railroad model Museum, all Sail Training Ship, Nippon Maru, Yokohama and museum,

 NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd., Yokohama F. Marinos, Yokohama-bijutsukan, Yokohama World Porters, the Yokohama-shi Central Wholesale Market home

Sponsorship, cooperation

Sponsorship: Nishi Ward sports promotion business promotion committee

Cooperation: Yutaka Sugi drum club, YY support project


・Walking Festival flyer (3MB) of the eleventh Nishi Ward Hama

Press release document (296KB)