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We hold Nishi Ward care preventive spread enlightenment business "musical therapy to affect heart" in 2017!

It is ... by much discovery and encounters with "musical therapy to affect heart" - music

 We sing classic song and feel rhythm using musical instruments such as hand bells, and we borrow power of music and are fine forever, and is heart rich, too?♪
 It is course having favorable reception every time. Please participate!


 Friday, October 27, 2017 from 14:00 to 16:00 reception desk 13:30 ...

Meeting place

 Yokohama-bijutsukan lecture hall    ♪ Access♪


 It is almost one 65 years or older


 200 (citizen of Nishi Ward priority) 


 Tuesday, September 12 8:45 ... start
 The second-floor 22nd window or telephone

Application, reference

 Elderly and Disabled Support Division advanced age charge ☎045-320-8410


Mr. Kiyoko Maeda (Japanese Music Therapy Association authorization music therapist): Piano

 Kawasaki University of Medical Welfare part-time teacher. It is gerontology master in speech impediment education specialty, Oberlin University Graduate School in Yokohama National University.
 As member of Agency for Cultural Affairs special dispatch overseas training (art management) to Cuba (National Theater University of Havana).
 Highly advanced brain functional disorder Shimane meetings practice musical therapy of workshop and elderly person, halfway person with a disability in various places throughout the inside and outside the country nichihakukyokai, Pusan, Brazil, Korea.  
 Book "song rhythm!" Other joint works.

Mr. Miyoko Sato :Violin

 We learn from Paris Conservatoire in 1962 and graduate at the violin department first prize top in 1964.
 We win favorable reception by costarring with London nyufiruhamonia orchestras.
 We successively hold Musashino Academia Musicae part-time teacher, Ferris University music club's professor.
 We perform concert having you are immediate and enjoy sound of violin positively now in Japan and Paris and the suburbs. From book "sound space."

Mr. Kizan Daiyoshi :Shakuhachi

 It was born in Nishimiyaichi, Hyogo for 1,948 years. Capital mountain stream Great Teacher example.
 We study under Kato home speculator of the capital mountain stream shakuhachi style father direct gate including shakuhachi from 1966 and authorize large instructor certificate tray in 1982.
  For possibility that shakuhachi lasts, we participate in different field sessions such as jazz, on the rocks, classical music positively.
  We are good at improvisation and in late years calligraphy, rakugo, dance vary and achieve costarring with artist of genre and show way of achievement to defeat concept of conventional shakuhachi.

It is teacher with Sato wisteria :Guitar

 In real time of the Beatles after being baptized, and quitting Tokyo University of Foreign Studies; as jazz guitarist to professional.
 We form Brazilian music and encounter, first Japanese samba group "opa" for late 20s and release two pieces of single seven pieces albums than TOSHIBA EMI.
 We deal with drama music of NHK and a large number of CM as composer. We produce original 7 string guitar after solo conversion.  

Iwakiri chisaki teacher :Viola

 Aichi standing torch sum high school music department viola specialty graduation. Aichi Prefectural University of Arts music department stringed instrument department viola specialty graduation.
 We pass use orchestra 2006 audition during attendance at school in Asia and give a performance in China, various parts of Japan.
 We perform a lot wedding wedding banquet performances while we support and appear in Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra from that time.
 We appear for various lives including Tokyo Tower observation deck live so far afterwards while we devote ourselves to jazz, Botha NOVA, chanson.