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Collection of links (affiliate, facility)

The local government, government offices

National local government map search
Government offices (page of the Prime Minister's office)

Social movement, hobby, learning

Nishi Ward Office for Citizen Empowerment
Local gathering

Use of inhabitant of a ward facility

West public hall
District center (the west, Fujidana)
Community house (small, Inaridai small, east small, Karuizawa in front of Asama, Tobe, the west)
In this Komachi community library (July 24, 2016 closing)
Hiranuma meeting place
West sports center
Sakainotani Park child log house
Old man Health and Welfare Center Noge mountain cottage
Community care plaza (Asamadai, Fujidana, Miyazaki, Tobe-honcho)
Yokohama Youth Exchange Center "Mt. furifuratto Noge"

The welfare, health


(company fortune) Nishi Ward Council of Social Welfare
(company fortune) Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare
Nishi Ward medical association
Nishi Ward dental association
Nishi Ward pharmacist society
Make e net; expeditionary party
Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi area independence support meeting


Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi welfare health practice base
Community care plaza (homepage of Yokohama-shi)
Elderly person facility
Person with a disability facility
Yokohama-shi person with a disability rebirth counselor's office
Yokohama-shi synthesis rehabilitation center
Welfare apparatus support center
Yokohama life relief center
Central children's guidance office

Child care

Minamisengen Nursery center
Nursery school, no authorization
Elementary and junior high school of Nishi Ward

Anti-crime program, disaster prevention

Yokohama anti-crime program whole network
Nishi fire department


Tokyo region licensed tax accountant society Yokohamachuo Branch
Blue return society in Yokohama
The National Tax Agency
Taxation office in Yokohama


Pension mechanism in Japan

Life hygiene

Health and Social Welfare Bureau "food safety Yokohama WEB"
Yokohama City Inst. of Health
(Germany) agriculture and forestry fisheries consumption security technique center
Association of Kanagawa plague control

Road, water and sewage, park

Paradise tree office
Water Works Bureau west, Hodogaya area Service Center
Introduction of park of Nishi Ward


Garbage and recycling

Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau (to page of disposal procedures)

Public utilities

Tokyo Electric Power
City of Yokohama, Water Works Bureau


City of Yokohama, Transportation Bureau
JR East
Yokohama Minatomirai Railway (Minato Mirai Line)
Keihin Electric Express
Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu
Soutetsu Line


Yokohama bar association
Kanagawa judicial scrivener society
Association of Japanese notary public society